How to Install Dyson V6, V8, V10, V11 Vacuum to Wall | Instructions

Agreed, Dyson vacuum cleaners do come up with a size that makes it harder to store them in an area where you can easily access them. However, Dyson has done a commendable job in making you feel at ease. 

Luckily, Dyson vacuum cleaners come with a docking station, allowing you to store your cleaner near a place where you can charge your electrical appliance easily.

To get you started, you’ll need a place such as a closet, which is near a power outlet for charging. The closet-type area will be able to provide you space to store your vacuum cleaner while the power outlet will do the charging job.

If there’s not a power outlet anywhere near, then you can use an extension cord to get rid of this problem or call an electrician for any further assistance whatsoever.

how to wall mount dyson vacuum cleaner

However, before you introduce your Dyson vacuum to its new “home”, here are some tips that will come in handy before storing your cleaner in a corner.

  1. Thoroughly clean out dust from your vacuum cleaner’s filters after every use.
  2. Your Dyson should only be used for the surfaces it excels in cleaning, such as tiles or hardwood floors, or as per its type. 

Generally, most models of Dyson vacuum cleaners specialize in cleaning out dust and debris from dry floors, however, there are other models available which are suitable for other surfaces.

Dyson V10 Docking Station Installment

According to Dyson’s official support team, the V10s and other models don’t come with wall adjustment tools, but don’t worry, here I’ll be providing you with a step-by-step guide to fix your problem and mount your Dyson on the perfect “spot”.


For the installation of the docking station, here’s what you need:

  • The charger
  • The front shell
  • Screws
  • Wall plugs
  • Backplate

Correct Location

Before installing the docking station, you must pick a location that suits the station’s demands. It’s recommended to choose & store this in a room/area which is medium-sized. 

However, if you can’t place it in a room, then mounting your Dyson V10 on a wall is your best option.

Mounting the Docking Station

Now’s the time to mount your docking station to the wall! For placement, you can either use a 2×4 lumber or a stud.

After you’re done, you’ll have to attach your Dyson vacuum cleaner to the wall.

Your Dyson V10 can be attached to the wall with the hell of screws, it’s not necessary or even recommended to drill a hole for attachment.

That way, if you’re not happy with how your vacuum cleaner’s new home turns out, then you can always replace its location, without even ruining the look of your walls or furniture.

The best part? The steps used in the process to mount your Dyson V10 are so easy that they can be done by anyone, without any carpeting expertise!

Attachment of the Backing Plate

Now, you’ll have to merge your vacuum cleaner’s docking station with the backing plate to avoid any potential damages that can be done to the wall where your Dyson is attached.

Additional Wall-Mount Connector

A perk with the Dyson V10 attachment system is the additional wall-mount connector. By purchasing an additional wall-mount connector, you’ll have an efficient option to load the docking station with it.

You won’t be needing any extra studs for the wall-mount connector, instead, you can attach them to the previous studs which you used to install the docking station of your Dyson V10.

Once all your mounting gear is up and ready, you can now place your Dyson V10 in it, and plug it for charging, talk about efficiency!

Quick Tips

Following are some instructions for wall mounting Dyson V10 that you MUST know:

  1. The charging port of your vacuum cleaner should be positioned on the wall in a way that it can be easily reached and charged.
  2. The wall height should be around three to four feet above the wall where you’re thinking of mounting your Dyson of any model.
  3. Bear in mind that the wall you choose to mount your Dyson V series should have a height that is enough to carry your whole vacuum cleaner.
  4. If you’re currently unequipped with a wall that is high enough to support your vacuum cleaner, then don’t worry because you can always turn to your nearest home improvement outlet for another docking station that suits your walls.

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Learning how to store a Dyson vacuum cleaner is relatively easy, however, there are a few conditions that must be met to complete the installation of the docking station.

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