8 Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Chart [June 2023] | Tested & Reviewed

Canister vacuum cleaner comparison chart: Buying guide

From carpets to various floor types— canister vacuum cleaners always win! The canister vacuum cleaners are popular among users because of their efficient high-suctioned cleaning ability, maneuverability, and comfort. One can get easily confused about which vacuum brand & model to choose for their cleaning needs. Don’t panic, this article features a comprehensive “canister vacuum … Read more

Where Is Shark Vacuum Reset Button?

Where is Shark Vacuum Reset Button?

Shark vacuums guarantee you high performance, comfort, and a hassle-free experience. However, inevitable system glitches or internal issues may arise in the device, causing you to resort to a factory reset. Typically, the company does not offer a Shark vacuum reset button separately.  However, the vacuum cleaner can go through a factory reset using two … Read more

Shark Ion Robot WiFi Connectivity Troubleshooting

How Do I Reset My Shark Ion Robot WiFi?

A familiar problem Shark Ion users need help with is wifi connectivity. That is, the Wifi either disconnects regularly or doesn’t connect at all. Therefore, you’re left to wonder, “how do I reset my Shark robot ion’s Wifi?” Generally, the issue can either reside in your vacuum cleaner or your router. Luckily, some quick, easy … Read more

Shark Brush Roll Indicator Not Red and Stopped Spinning

Shark Brush Roll Indicator Green But Not Spinning

I can imagine the sight of using your vacuum cleaner, but it fails to pick up dirt because the brush roll is not spinning. It makes you want to burn the vacuum down, doesn’t it? But what if I present a solution to your problem “Shark Brush Roll Indicator Green But Not Spinning”? Typically, your … Read more

What does Shark Robot Vacuum Red Exclamation Point Means?

Shark Robot Vacuum Red Exclamation Point

Shark’s robot vacuums are a must-have for all cleaning enthusiasts since they make your life easier and do your job efficiently. The red exclamation (!) point on Shark robot vacuum cleaners confuses several users since they don’t know what it means. Simply put, the red exclamation error on Shark robot vacuums means that the suction … Read more