Shark Navigator Brush Roll Starts then Stops | Solutions

According to a survey conducted by “The Spruce”, Shark Vacuums have been titled the top brand in terms of vacuum cleaners, leaving behind some of the biggest competitors in the market such as Dyson and Hoover, to grab the trophy.

The survey focussed on various factors related to vacuum cleaners and after thorough consideration, Shark was announced the victor.

This leads us to conclude that Shark Vacuums are one of the best companies at the moment in the vacuum industry, and there’s no doubt about the quality and durable products this company offers to its users.

Despite being one of the very best, Shark Vacuums also fell prey to some common issues, which haven’t been tackled as of yet and users have become frustrated.

One such issue is related to the Shark navigator brush roll, which starts but then stops. Keep scrolling to find out about the possible reasons why you’re facing this issue and what are the solutions to it.

why shark navigator brush roller stops

Shark Brush Roll Stopped Spinning – Indications

Every appliance tends to degrade its performance when it starts to face an issue, the same is the case with Shark navigator Vacuums. 

Following are some indications that your Shark cleaner might be giving you:

Suction Power

If your vacuum cleaner’s brush rolls aren’t working properly, then you’ll start to notice a “change” in its performance.

Performance can be referred to as suction power in this case. With decreased suction power, your vacuum cleaner will not be able to clean up dust as much as it used to.

Light Indication

Newer models released by Shark such as DuoClean are equipped with light indicators. The purpose behind these indicators is that they tell you if your brush roll is currently working or not.

If your vacuum cleaner’s brush roll isn’t working supposedly, it will give off a red light indication and vice versa.

Ejection of Dust Particles from shark brush

Another common indication of this problem is the ejection of dirt particles by your Shark vacuum cleaner. 

When you’re not using your Shark vacuum cleaner, and it’s idle, then it’ll likely eject the dirt particles it previously had sucked up, all by itself.

Spinning Sound

Brush rolls require a motor to perform their function, and every motor makes some kind of noise. If your vacuum cleaner’s brush rolls are supposedly spinning, but not making any noise, then it’s an indication that either the brush rolls or the motor have stopped running.

Why does the Brush Roller work for a second, then stop?

Here are some of the possible reasons that caused your navigator’s vacuum cleaner brush roll to stop working after you turned them on:

Power Button – Position 2

Shark vacuums have a separate option that allows you to turn on the brush rollers. This option can be enabled by switching your power button to “position 2”.

vacuum cleaner power button

If the issue remains, then there could be a possible fault in your vacuum cleaner’s power button.

Broken Belt

Your vacuum cleaner’s brush roll functions due to the belt. If, due to any reason, the belt gets broken or is not properly attached to the “roller mechanism”, then you’ll find difficulty in making your vacuum’s brush rollers work.

Blockage due to Dust

Vacuum cleaners, as you know, are designed to clean up dust, debris, and allergens. However, in some cases, the amount of dust being sucked up by the cleaner becomes quite significant, allowing some malfunctions to take place.

In this case, dust particles act as a blockage for your vacuum cleaner’s brush rollers, due to which, they become unable to spin properly or efficiently.

Filled up Dust Cup

The dust cup is the compartment where all the dirt particles are stored in your vacuum cleaner, after cleaning. If left unchecked, the amount of dirt stored in the dust cup becomes significant.

This causes your vacuum cleaner to face several issues, and the issue you’re currently facing is one of them.


Shark vacuums are also equipped with a safety mechanism that allows your vacuum cleaner to shut down if it gets overheated.

Vacuum cleaners are likely to get overheated if dust particles get stuck with their motors, or any other mechanical part, as a result disrupting the normal working of the vacuum cleaner.

This can be a reason for your problem, that is if you’re a frequent user. 

Loosely Attached Nozzle

A loosely connected nozzle can cause malfunctioning in your vacuum cleaner’s brush rolls. To check whether the nozzle is properly attached, follow the steps given below:

  1. Disengage the nozzle from the floor handle
  2. Check whether or not there are any dust particles or debris stuck with the nozzle which are causing malfunctioning.
  3. After conducting a thorough check, attach your vacuum cleaner’s nozzle to the floor handle firmly.

Damaged Hose

If your vacuum cleaner’s hose is damaged, then you might face malfunctioning in the brush rolls. 

To check whether or not the hose is damaged, disconnect it and look for any visible damage. Also, check whether any dust particles are stuck in it as they can too, cause this problem.

How to Fix a Shark Navigator that won’t Spin

After looking at all the possible reasons for your problem, let us dive into the solutions!

Following are some troubleshooting tips that can help you fix Shark Navigator:

  • Shark Vacuums have a power button with an option that allows you to turn on the brush rolls. If you’ve already enabled it but to no good, then you’ll have to replace the power button of your vacuum cleaner with a new one.
  • To tackle the problem of a broken belt, you’ll have to buy a new belt for your vacuum cleaner and replace it with the old one. Vacuum belts are easily available at service centers. That too, in fair price.
  • When the number of dust particles being sucked up becomes significant for your vacuum cleaner, then they can act as a blockage. To encounter this, you’ll have to regularly perform maintenance and clean out any hair strands or dust particles present on your Shark vacuum’s brush rollers.
  • When the amount of debris stored in your vacuum cleaner’s dust cup becomes significant, you’ll start to notice malfunctioning in the brush rollers. That’s why it is advised to clean your vacuum dust cup regularly. An empty dust cup tends to provide better and more efficient performance while a filled one can make quite some trouble.
  • Overheating can also be a cause. Therefore, it is advised to let your vacuum cleaner rest a bit after 10-20 mins of usage to avoid overheating.
  • If your Shark vacuum cleaner’s hose has gotten old and looks worn out or damaged, then it’s best to replace it with a new one.

The brush won’t Spin when Carpet Cleaner is Running

In some cases, there’s a possibility that the brush rollers of your vacuum cleaner will indeed start to function and run, but they won’t spin.

Following are some of the reasons why this happens:

Broken Belt

One case that is most common among others is the broken belt. If the belt of your vacuum cleaner is broken, then this issue can arise.

To fix this, you’ll have to take your vacuum cleaner to a service center, from where the broken belt will be replaced by a new one. Belts come at reasonable prices, therefore, there is no harm whatsoever in a replacement.

Clogged/Blocked Brush

Vacuuming can cause dust particles, hair strands, and many other pollutants to get stuck in your vacuum cleaner’s brush, disabling its ability to spin.

The cure to this problem is to thoroughly clean and remove any hair strands or dust particles from your vacuum brush after use.

Loose Carpet

In some cases, your vacuum cleaner isn’t at fault, but the way your carpet is spread out is. If your carpet is “lazy” or loose, then it will not allow your vacuum cleaner’s brush rolls to spin properly.

The solution to this problem is to lay out your carpet tightly, preferably stretching it out as far as possible to gain the full functionality of the brush rollers. 

Loose Belt

Another cause of this problem is a loose belt. A loose belt doesn’t allow full rotation of the brush rollers.

To encounter this, add a few layers of tape around the belt. What this does is that it tightens the belt of your vacuum cleaner to a higher degree. 

According to two users on a forum, this trick helped them counter this problem, so you might as well give this a shot! 


There you go! All the possible reasons along with tips that’ll help you solve the problem in which the Shark navigator’s brush roll starts, but then suddenly stops.

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