Sweeping or Vacuuming – What’s Better for Tiled & Hardwood Floors?

Cleaning is considered a very important ritual that not only maintains a clean and healthy living environment but also prevents one from staying disorganized and lethargic. So a person who cleans house routinely might ask whether sweeping the tiles is better or vacuuming.

Owing to immense significance of cleaning a lot of businesses are busy producing better and advanced cleaning equipment for household help. The basic purpose of any sort of cleaning is to get rid of any possible dirt.

One of the positive advancements in cleaning industry is influx of robotic cleaners. But for those who are comfortable with sweeping or using a mop for cleaning might ask what’s the better choice between sweeping and vacuuming tiles.

So here in this article, we will briefly explain the pros and cons of both and give you reasons to choose one.

Sweeping or vacuuming tiles- what’s better?


Sweeping or Vacuuming Tiles- What’s Better?

Some people pick up the manual broom and swipe it all over the floor reaching through corners and under objects.

While some are prone to using vacuum cleaners. It’s hard competition about vacuuming vs sweeping.

To analyze what is better among sweeping or vacuuming tiles we will critically evaluate and discuss them.


Initially, we know both methods are performed for the purpose of cleaning. In sweeping we sweep brooms in a specific area and move the dirt.

After collecting this accumulated dirt, it is picked up and disposed of.

Brooms come in a variety of sizes and shapes with the ability to clean narrow or under object surfaces. Tiles are usually ceramic or stone-made material which is much easier to clean as compared to other surfaces.

But there is a huge peril of sweeping tiles. The con of sweeping is we are unable to clean cracks that appear between spaces of tiles or in spaces where grout has removed.

While cleaning these spaces broom fails to do that perfectly. Another peril of sweeping is that it requires human energy. One may get exhausted after sweeping tiled floors.


Vacuum cleaner is a modern device that sucks up dirt from all sorts of surfaces.

It is easier to use just by simply plugging the wire and moving it makes your space all good to go.

These vacuums are designed in a way that even uneven or damaged surfaces can be cleaned perfectly with zero traction.

Vacuuming is also considered to be a better method as it saves a lot of energy and time.

Vacuum cleaner is very easy to use and an efficient device. It’s also very easy to use on hardwood flooring and tiled or marble surfaces. But I noticed an issue, it becomes difficult to move cleaner on the carpet or shaggy surfaces.

One may use that energy for better tasks. However, a few people complain about the noise pollution it creates, but this con doesn’t hinder its effective performance.

How To Do Vacuuming

Evaluation- Which is Better?

From the above-discussed basics about vacuum and sweeping we can easily evaluate vacuum is better than sweeping. The world is undergoing constant revolutions.

Manual things are replacing with automated ones. Science is focusing on bringing easiness, and vacuum is a prime example of that. Therefore, we can say that one must use vacuum cleaners instead of sweeping the floor having tiled surfaces or hardwood floors.

But there is another method you should adopt if looking for even better cleaning. Yeah, you got that right, it’s to do both.

Should you sweep or vacuum first?

When you have decided to clean your tiles like a pro start by vacuuming first. This will allow you to remove all sort of dirt from the tiles. If there exist cracks and grout spaces vacuum will suck all the dirt out of it.

After you are done vacuuming start with sweeping this will help you clean the corners better.

It is observed sometimes vacuum fails to suck dust from corners. Sweeping will be helpful at that point as the wide range of brooms has capability to get into corners.


After you are done with both and still feel something is missing. Give mopping a shot. Mopping is a kind of sweeping that involves wet cloth rubbed over the whole surface. Once you are done cleaning your floors with mop. Now, its all good to go, you’ve got a clean and germs-free, a perfect environment for your loved ones.

Now you’ve got an idea know how can we get a perfectly clean space.

Another important thing many people feel needs to address is how these things work. Sweeping is easy, just grab a broom and u got that, but things are different for a vacuum cleaner.

person doing mopping


How to Sweep Tile Floors using Vacuum Cleaner?

The main concern of many people is how should they operate vacuum cleaners in a way it gives maximum performance. Now we will discuss effective tactics that will help you understand how to sweep tile floors using vacuum cleaners.

Spot the dusty areas

Firstly, you need to identify the surface that needs to be cleaned.

If it is a dry mess plug in your vacuum cleaner. Make sure you provide with right voltages and deal this machine with care.

Vacuums don’t perform effectively on wet areas. Additionally, wet areas may harm the vacuum cleaner.

Go slowly

After switching on and spotting, move your vacuum cleaner all over the dirty tiles. Make sure you are not rushing the machine. Stay at a spot for some time so that machine may suck all dirt. Keep moving machine forward and backward and move in small directions.

Bi-directional vacuuming

Make sure you not only vacuum in rows up and down, but also turn 90 degrees, and vacuum in the other direction for better cleaning. It will make it easier to collect all of the dust and debris.

Clean vacuum at the end

After you are done cleaning all the dirt. There comes the most important part and that is cleaning the robotic machine itself.

Through the dirt out from canister and clean the brushes. This will help you clean better the next time and will increase the life of your vacuum cleaner. Moreover, will keep the cleaner in perfect functioning condition for longer time.


From the above-discussed analysis, we can evaluate that a vacuum cleaner is an effective and proficient device that helps in cleaning tiles.

It will help remove dust from areas where sweeping fails to perform. Moreover, a cleaned and organized space is not hard to get anymore, just learn to use a vacuum cleaner.

And finally what’s better among both, it depends on your choice.
According to my experience and my busy daily routine I found out vacuuming the hardwood or tiled floor is definitely better than sweeping.

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