Troubleshooting The Roomba Flashing Red Triangle: Common Issues and Best Fixes

The Roomba, a popular robotic vacuum cleaner from iRobot, has become a household favorite for its convenience and effectiveness. However, like any electronic device, it can encounter issues from time to time. One of the most common and concerning issues is the appearance of a flashing red triangle or a red exclamation point inside the triangle on the Roomba. This guide will investigate the reasons behind these warning indicators and provide comprehensive troubleshooting steps to get your Roomba back in action.

What IS Meant by Roomba Flashing Red Triangle?

When your Roomba displays a flashing red triangle and an exclamation point, it’s like a little warning flag saying, “Houston, we have a problem!” These warning signs usually occur when your Roomba gets stuck somewhere or comes too close to stairs. As a result, your Roomba might stop cleaning shortly (in minutes) after it starts, sometimes immediately within seconds, and that red triangle starts blinking.

Roomba Flashing Red Light

But here’s the thing: seeing the red triangle doesn’t mean your Roomba is stuck. The right thing to do is press the clean button on your Roomba, and it will talk to you! It’ll tell you in error codes what’s gone wrong. If you want to decode these messages and find out what they mean, you can check out this resource for a simple explanation of all the error codes.

Potential Problems that Trigger the Red Triangle on Roomba

Let’s explore some of the common culprits behind these warning signs:

  • Lack of Maintenance: If you haven’t kept your Roomba clean and well-maintained, it might start confusing dark floors with ridges and stops immediately and flashing the red triangle sign.
  • Battery Problems: A low or malfunctioning battery can cause your Roomba to stop abruptly.
  • Sensor Issues: Dust or dirt on the sensors can confuse your Roomba, leading to warnings.
  • Obstacles and Blockages: Roomba’s path can be obstructed by objects or tangled in cords, prompting these warnings.
  • Technical Glitches: Sometimes, electronic or software issues can cause false alarms.
  • Loose Contacts: Over time, the contacts to the battery or trash bin’s motor can become loose, and your Roomba will cease to work efficiently. 

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

To resolve the red triangle or red exclamation point issue, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Regularly clean the brushes, filters, and sensors of your Roomba.
  • Battery Check: Ensure your Roomba’s battery is charged and functioning correctly.
  • Sensor and Wheels Inspection: Examine sensors and wheels for dirt or debris.
  • Clearing Obstacles: Remove any objects or cords that may block Roomba’s path.
  • Resetting and Updating: Try resetting your Roomba and updating its software/firmware.
  • Software and Firmware Updates: Ensure your Roomba has the latest updates installed.

Suppose you are done performing the above troubleshooting checks, and Roomba is still not working. In that case, you are missing two meticulous details.

1- Loose Contacts Overlooked

2- A recent iRobot update had some bug

1- Roomba 770 Unique Behavior and Troubleshooting

Specific Roomba models, like the Roomba 770 or i8+, may exhibit unique behaviors. It’s essential to understand these model-specific quirks and how to address them.

Loose Contacts

If your Roomba 770 shows a red triangle and beeps without talking, and it stops working or stops very quickly, even if you’ve cleaned it well and found no blockages, there might be a simple fix.

Flip your Roomba upside down, remove the trash bin, and you’ll see four silver contacts that touch two metal tabs on the trash bin. Over time, these contacts can lose their ability to connect correctly. Use pliers to gently bend them so they touch the trash bin tabs better. These contacts are essential for the vacuum motor inside the trash bin. This should solve the problem.

2- Bug in iRobot Update

The Roomba red triangle can be spotted in two places: one on the Roomba itself and the second is cleaning maps on the app. There, you will see a red triangle with a white exclamation mark. What does it represent?

When you spot a red triangle with a white exclamation point on your cleaning map, it’s worth considering a few possibilities. Some users, like those with the i8+ model, have reported that the base location detected by the Roomba may be slightly off from where the map indicates it should be. This discrepancy could trigger the red exclamation point on the cleaning map.

Additionally, several users have noted that the red exclamation mark can also appear in their cleaning history, sometimes even for cleaning jobs that occurred weeks ago. This recurring issue is likely due to a software bug, particularly in the iRobot App version 6.6.0 release.

It’s important to differentiate between the cleaning history map and the intelligent map. While the red exclamation point might appear in the history map, it typically doesn’t affect the accuracy of your smart map, which should remain unaffected.

In summary, if you encounter the red triangle with a white exclamation point on your cleaning map, it’s likely due to a minor base location issue and a known software bug in the iRobot App version 6.6.0 release. Rest assured that this issue generally doesn’t impact the functionality of your Roomba’s innovative mapping capabilities.

Preventive Maintenance

The best way to prevent the red triangle or red exclamation point from appearing is through regular maintenance:

  • Cleaning Schedules: Set up regular cleaning schedules and stick to them.
  • Battery Care: Follow proper battery care guidelines to maximize its lifespan.
  • Sensor Maintenance: Periodically clean Roomba’s sensors for accurate navigation.
  • Software Bug: You can overlook that because, in the upcoming update, Roomba will fix it.

User Tips and Best Practices

Here are some additional tips to ensure a smooth Roomba experience:

  • Placement and Environment: Consider your Roomba’s placement and compatibility with your home environment.
  • Using the Roomba App: Make the most of the Roomba app’s features for remote control and monitoring.
  • Maximizing Battery Life: Learn how to extend your Roomba’s battery life between charges.


In conclusion, while encountering a flashing red triangle or red exclamation point on your Roomba can be alarming, it’s usually a solvable issue (basically your sensors need a cleaning, or you need to clear the obstacles from its path). Following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide and maintaining your Roomba regularly, you can keep your robotic vacuum running smoothly and enjoy a clean home with less hassle. If all else fails, remember that Roomba’s customer support is there to assist you in getting your trusty cleaning companion back on track. Happy Roomba-ing!


What does it indicate, a Red triangle and a charging light blinking together?

It’s essential to thoroughly test the battery and the charger for any signs of failure or issues.

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