How to Reverse Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Airflow

Dyson vacuums are specifically designed to take care of your cleaning chores, by clearing out dust and debris from even the narrowest areas.

But, you know what would’ve been great? If there was an electric device that was convertible, that way you wouldn’t have to spend money on buying multiple electrical appliances, instead, you would’ve had one, that was multi-purpose.

Luckily, Dyson vacuums come with this option. Dyson provides you with the luxury of convertible vacuum cleaners, saving you tons of money and getting valuable tasks done.

How? Well, Dyson vacuums can reverse their airflow, allowing them to become convertible.

how to reverse dyson cleaner airflow

How to Reverse the Airflow on Dyson?

Reversing the airflow on your Dyson vacuum cleaner will make it capable of multiple functions. Keep reading this article to equip yourself with the techniques used in the process.

Dyson Vacuum Airflow Reversal – Requirements

Before getting yourself familiar with the steps used to reverse the airflow in your Dyson vacuum, there are a few tools that will come in handy while attempting this process.

Following are some of the tools that you must have to make this process work:

  • Your Dyson Vacuum’s user manual
  • Duct tape
  • Screwdriver

If you’ve lost your Dyson user manual, don’t worry because you can always find it online. Make sure to thoroughly go through the steps that’ll allow you to dismantle your vacuum cleaner.

By doing so, you’ll also gain knowledge about the position of specific parts that hold significant importance.


Bear in mind that having the right tools is critically important for such processes. This can be attributed to the tiny screws and parts which are assembled to build up a vacuum cleaner.

What kind of Dyson Vacuum do you have?

With time, Dyson has released a wide spectrum of vacuum cleaners, allowing you to decide which one perfectly caters to your needs.

While having a Dyson vacuum is a luxury, you can’t unlock its full potential if you don’t know the type of vacuum you possess.

These days, the most in-demand vacuum cleaners are separated into two categories mainly, which are “Dyson bag vacuums” and “Dyson canister vacuums”.

Although the options you have are plenty, these two categories are the most efficient as they are perfectly in sync with the conditions of today’s environment.

How to Reverse Airflow of Dyson Canister Vacuum?

If you’re currently in possession of a Dyson canister vacuum, then you can reverse its airflow by following the steps given below:

  • Unplug your Dyson canister vacuum.
  • Remove the end tube which is used to filter debris, microscopic particles, and allergens into the storage bin.
  • Plug in your Dyson canister again.
  • Let your Dyson canister function as a blower for a couple of minutes.
  • Voila! You have a blower in your hands now, after you’ve put all the parts back again.


Although Dyson vacuums are convertible, but not always.

Many newer models of Dyson vacuums come with a pre-installed blower port, however, some of the previous models don’t provide you with this option, most of which are upright.

Dyson Bag Vacuum – Reversing Airflow

After dismantling the parts by following the instructions present in the user manual, you can follow the steps given below to convert your Dyson bag vacuum into a blower:

  • Unhook the vacuum bag.
  • Unscrew the necessary components. Secure the removed screws by placing them in a dish.
  • Unhook the vacuum bag from the interior compartment where the vacuum bag is linked with the appliance’s intake hole.
  • Put together all the parts of the vacuum cleaner as they were.
  • Plug in your vacuum cleaner.
  • Let it blow as much debris, allergens, and microscopic particles as it can.
  • Wobble the vacuum cleaner for the buildup to settle.
  • Attach the tube of your Dyson bag vacuum’s intake hole tightly.

How to turn & use your Dyson vacuum into a Leafblower?

If you currently don’t own a leaf blower, don’t worry because you have Dyson vacuums to save the day. Dyson vacuums can be converted into a leaf blower by following a few sets of steps.

can you make cleaner a leafblower

Follow the steps mentioned below to convert your Dyson vacuum cleaner into a leaf blower. After following these steps you’ll be able to use your vacuum cleaner as a blower.

  • Unscrew the necessary components. Secure the removed screws by placing them in a dish.
  • The first step includes the disconnection of your Dyson’s motor unit from the storage tubes.
  • Remove the tube from the suction compartment and place it towards the blowing side.
  • Let your Dyson vacuum perform its magic by blowing out any dust, debris, or allergen it may find. This function comes in handy when you want to remove microscopic particles from narrow areas, which are usually difficult to remove.

Convert Dyson Vacuum to a Shop Vac – DIY Tricks

If you’ve got children lying around that make your house a mess, then Shop Vac is the best option for you, they also have a stronger motor.

Luckily, if you own a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you can build a Shopvac out of it, all you require is to add a few modifications and your homemade Dyson shop vac will be ready to go.

Shop vacs come in handy as they are highly capable of removing dust and debris. They can also clean places that have liquid materials lying around on the surface, making them a perfect fit for households.

However, Shop vacs are particularly for households, so their functions are limited as compared to other vacuums, which are used for greater purposes.

They’re also less efficient than other vacuums as they’re capable of clearing out tiny particles only.


Dyson vacuum cleaners aren’t necessarily as efficient as a Shop-vac when it comes to DIY tricks. However, they are rather decent for smaller tasks.

Safety Precautions before Reversing the Airflow of your Dyson Vacuum

Reversing the airflow of your vacuum cleaner is simple, however, one should never overlook their safety.

Here are some of the safety precautions that you must bear in mind while performing such processes:

  • Unplug your Dyson vacuum cleaner to prevent any passage of electric current whatsoever. This will prevent you from electric shocks. On the other hand, you’ll be saved from the blowing out of dust everywhere, in case you accidentally touch the “power on” button.
  • Dyson vacuum cleaners have tiny components, so make sure to perform each step with extra caution to prevent the breakage of these small components.
  • If you’ve converted your Dyson vacuum cleaner to a blower and are likely to use it outdoors, then make sure to keep it away from water to prevent electrocution.
  • If you’re about to locate the airflow of your Dyson, make sure to do it before removing the necessary parts of your electrical appliance.
  • Keep away from scratching or penetrating your appliance’s power cord while taking it apart.
  • Secure your vacuum cleaner’s screws in a secure location when performing such processes.


Dyson vacuums are highly convertible vacuums due to the option of reverse airflow. This allows you to change your Dyson vacuum into a blower and much other equipment according to your preferences.

Converting your Dyson vacuum cleaner to blower requires you to follow certain steps with extreme caution, after which you can enjoy the multiple benefits that your Dyson provides you with.

However, pay attention to the safety instructions provided above as well. And I wish you best of luck with your new blower.

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