Dyson Filter Light Always Stays On | How to Fix?

Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner with superpowers? Well, look no further ahead when you have Dyson. The Dyson V10 series has been booming across the market lately with its impeccable quality and the service they provide to its users.

However, you’ll have to keep the appliance happy by maintaining it. If not, then many issues can fill your hands, one of them containing the problem of Dyson V10’s filter light, which always stays on.

There can be several issues related to this problem which you’ll be finding the solution to in the article below.

Dyson V10 filter light always stays on

What do the Lights on Dyson V10 Indicate?

Dyson V10 series is equipped with LED lights. They serve the purpose of issuing you a warning when a particular issue arises in your vacuum cleaner. The color of each light is different depending upon the problem.

The filter light of your Dyson V10 is related to its filters, however, there are varying attitudes toward the filter light. The following points will help you get familiar with what each filter light indicates.

Do note the fact that not all models which are being manufactured by Dyson have the same number of lights. Some models have a different amount indicating different issues than one another.

Solid Amber Light

The solid amber light indicates that there’s a charging issue present in your Dyson V10.

Green Light

Greenlight can be seen commonly on a Dyson vacuum cleaner, and it’s related to charging and battery issues. However, the green light doesn’t always indicate a problem.

For instance, if you see a green light on your Dyson vacuum cleaner when it’s on charge, then it’s your vacuum cleaner’s way of telling you that it’s being charged peacefully without any issues.

Yellow Light

The yellow light indicates temperature issues. For instance, if your Dyson vacuum is in a place where the temperature is either too warm or too chilly, then you’ll probably be seeing this light.

Red Light

If your Dyson V10 is showing you a red light, then it means that it’s “out of gas” and needs time to charge. However, if this problem remains after you’ve charged the battery, then it’s time to replace the old battery with a new one.

Dyson V10 Filter Light – Possible Reasons and Solutions

Since you’ve gotten familiar with each indication, let’s now dive into our main problem which is: why does the filter light on a Dyson V10 always stay on?

Continue reading below to get accustomed to the possible reasons for this problem and how to go around it.

Blockage in the Filters

If the filter light on your Dyson V10 starts to show itself, then it means that your vacuum cleaner’s filter is blocked by dust, debris, or hairs. 

To fix this problem, you’ll have to disassemble your vacuum cleaner and take out the filters. After which, you’ll have to thoroughly clean them. Cold water is preferred for cleaning the filters.

Blockage in filter

After you’re done with the cleaning process, give your filter time to completely dry off. After that, you can reattach it to its respective location.

It’s relatively easier to just clean the filter of your Dyson V10, after disassembling it according to the instructions. However, if you think that it’s not something you’ll be able to pull off, then it’s best to call someone who’s a professional in this field.

Temporary Battery Problem

Remember how we discussed the solid amber light? Well, it plays a big part here as well. Battery problems can play a factor in disallowing your Dyson V10’s filters to function properly, hence, the filter light stays on.

If the problem persists, it’s time for a battery change.

Dyson V10 Filter Light on even After Cleaning

In some cases, the filter light of a Dyson V10 vacuum cleaner stays on even after you’ve tried out all the possible solutions. In that regard, here are some possible reasons and tips to solve this issue:

Incorrect Attachment of Filter

After you’re done cleaning your vacuum cleaner’s filters but the filter light still stays on, then it might not be your Dyson V10’s fault this time.

In some cases, dust or debris gets stuck around the place of attachment, disabling your vacuum cleaner’s filters to attach properly. 

To solve this, you’ll have to clean the area around your vacuum’s “filter-attachment spot” thoroughly.

Another possibility can be that you haven’t placed the filter bag at the site of the attachment properly. Usually, after correctly placing the filter in its location, you hear a “click” sound, telling you that you’re good to go.

There’s also a warning light that flashes in blue color, indicating that the filter unit isn’t placed properly.

To get rid of this problem, you’ll have to take out the filter unit again. Now, you’ll have to push the filter back in a clockwise direction until you hear that “click” sound I mentioned earlier.

If you’re still unsure about how to fix your Dyson V10’s filter properly, you can check out the instructions written on the back of your vacuum cleaner’s filter that guide you on how to place it back properly.

Wet Filter

Another possibility can be a wet filter. If you took out your Dyson V10 filter recently for cleaning but didn’t give it much time to thoroughly dry out all the water particles, then you might come to face this issue.

A wet filter permits air to flow through the filter, causing your appliance to not function properly.

Also, due to a wet filter, there’s always a possibility of the water moving from the filter towards the motor head, causing it to malfunction.

The only logical solution to this problem is to give your filter enough time to dry out all the water present inside it.

According to Dyson, a filter, after a thorough cleaning, should be given at least 24 hours to dry off. However, the amount can vary according to the weather conditions in the area you live.

It’s not recommended or preferred to dry your filter using secondary sources of heat, such as a hair dryer. As that will cause damage to both the filter and your vacuum cleaner. It’s also not recommended to keep it under direct sunlight.

The most useful way to dry out the water in your vacuum filter is to keep it in a place where there’s a moderate flow of air. That way your vacuum filter will air dry itself, and your vacuum cleaner will start to run smoothly again.

Failed Motor-head

This problem commonly occurs after users clean their vacuum filter but reattach it while it’s still dry. The water from the wet filter manages to make its way across the area around the filter, where the motor head is present as well.

If the water particles manage to go deep enough in the water head where they can have contact with the electrical components, then your vacuum’s motor head is likely to malfunction, and will likely experience permanent damage.

Check faulty motor head

The best way to go around this is to immediately contact Dyson’s customer care service. Explain your problem and follow any instructions given by them.

You can also take your Dyson V10 to your local vacuum-repair service center. Most likely, they’ll be replacing your vacuum cleaner’s motor with a new one after which your vacuum cleaner will be up and running again.

Worn out Filter

The usual life expectancy of a Dyson filter is up to 2 years, but it also depends on your usage. If your usage is below an average user then your Dyson V10’s filters are likely to last longer than 2 years.

However, if your usage is above average user’s, your filters can get worn out earlier than provided life expectancy.

A vacuum filter captures dust, debris, or allergens present in the area you’re currently cleaning. The sizes of these particles vary, from minute to large. 

The larger dust particles can be cleaned by thoroughly washing your vacuum cleaner’s filter under cold water. However, the smaller particles can be hard to remove, even after cleaning your vacuum multiple times.

Your vacuum cleaner has minute pores present in its filter, that are responsible for airflow. While capturing dust or debris, the smaller particles manage to make their way into these pores. Hence, allowing a comparatively low amount of air to flow through them.

Unluckily, it’s not easy to remove these smaller particles as they’re just too stubborn to be removed and are stuck to your vacuum cleaner’s filter like super glue.

Hence, if your vacuum cleaner’s filters have crossed the 2-year mark, then it’s time to replace them with a brand new one. However, while looking for a new filter, bear in mind that it’s always better to buy an accessory from an original manufacturer, rather than third-party sellers.

That way, you’ll be sure that the product you’re buying, will be able to provide you with better quality and will serve its purpose rightfully, under the provided life expectancy.

Blockage in Other Components

You’ve cleaned your Dyson V10 filter, but is the filter light still on? If so, then there might be blockages elsewhere, in an area, you might have ignored while cleaning. 

When that happens, the amount of airflow is restricted, causing your vacuum cleaner to pulsate, and the Dyson filter light stays on.

These blockages usually occur in electrical components other than the filter, such as the wand, the brush bar, or the inlet.

Follow the necessary steps below to get rid of this problem:

  • Disassemble your Dyson V10 after you’ve given its filters a thorough cleaning.
  • Carefully examine the main electrical components which are: the brush bar, the wand, and the inlet.
  • Clear out all or any dust particles present in them, and make sure that the airflow isn’t restricted in them.

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Dyson V10 series is power packed with improved features. However, several factors can negatively influence their quality, causing them to malfunction.

 Due to this, Dyson V10’s filter light always stays on. Until the irregularities that cause these problems are properly taken care of.

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  1. I’ve cleaned the filter numerous times on my sweeper and never had an issue now the filter warning light won’t go out. what is the correct part number for a new filter. I have a v10 rechargeable that is more than 4 or 5 years old. i would like to replace it.


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