Why is Dyson Blue & Red Light Flashing Multiple Times

Although Dyson is one of the greatest smart vacuums available, occasionally the vacuum may start repeatedly flashing blue or red lights up to 10 times. While this could give your eyes a funky disco impression, it is obvious that something is wrong with your Dyson.

Do you want to know what blue and red flashing lights mean in Dyson vacuum and how to fix them?

Then you’ve come to the right place, as I’ve included a comprehensive list of all the causes of the blinking light in this post, along with several solutions.

Why is Dyson flashing blue and red lights multiple times.

Why does the Dyson light flash?

One of the most well-known makers of vacuums is Dyson, which produces stick, portable, and robot vacuums. To provide a very user-friendly alarm system, the vacuum cleaner employs led lights to indicate errors and remind the user to do maintenance.

What does the light imply when it flashes?

Every Dyson vacuum cleaner has a flashing light that lets you know when something is wrong with it. For instance, there can be a power issue or a filter connection issue.

Flashing lights can indicate several things, based on the Dyson version you own. You can debug your Dyson vacuum by understanding what the red or blue flashing indicates.

The several causes of the blue and red lights flashing 10 times are listed below, along with instructions on how to solve them.

Dyson Flashing Blue Light 10 times

Although blue flashes first appear to be meaningless bursts of lights, there is a significant reason why they do this. The blue light on a Dyson might appear for several reasons, and it serves as a warning to customers to stop vacuuming when the device is not performing as intended.

Why does my Dyson’s blue light blink?

A blue flashing light on a Dyson vacuum, as we’ve already explained, merely denotes a problem with the appliance. In a Dyson, a blue light blinking10 times often indicates one of two things:

  • The battery is not charging
  • Clogged filter

Battery not charging

The blue light may flash on Dyson vacuum models to indicate that the batteries need to be charged or are low on power. If your battery has a blue flashing light, it is dead.

Battery not charging.

How can the blue light stop flashing?

Most of the time, simply plugging in the vacuum, re-fitting the charger, or trying a different socket will stop the Dyson blue light from flashing multiple times. However, if the blue light is still flashing, you need to do the following action:

Examine the power cable:

  • While the charger is disconnected, inspect the cable for any damage.
  • If there is no damage, re-plug the charger straight into the device.

Another thing you can do is to charge the Dyson for 3.5 hours without its dock.

How can the charger be taken out of the dock?

  • Take the device and its accessories out of the dock and remove the charger from the power source.
  • Take out the two screws on the docking station using a screwdriver.
  • After removing the dock, unfed the cable from the dock’s channel.

Clogged filters

A blue flashing light means that the filters are clogged. This often indicates that your filters need to be cleaned.

Filter cleaning solutions

The most typical remedy for this problem is to replace the filter. It is advised that you swap out your Dyson filter every year to prevent these problems. Filters are located just above the dust container on the Dyson V7 and V8. If necessary, replace these filters with new ones after cleaning them by prying up the filter from the top with a screwdriver.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Does my Dyson v7’s Flashing blue light mean?

In Dyson v7, a constant blue light will show up on the screen as the battery is charging. If there is no light, there is no sign that the battery is completely charged.

Why does the Red Light Flash 10 Times?

The Dyson vacuum cleaner’s battery will stop functioning correctly if a red light begins to flash. The battery is probably the cause of the issue. The only remaining choice is to get a new battery in that case.

What causes this to occur?

The batteries in your vacuum are more likely harmed if the battery pack is having issues. It simply depends on how exhausted a cell is and how much it has been deprived. The battery will progressively lose capacity over a few years and more often discharge itself. It’s time to replace the battery when your battery pack’s side lights blink red.

A red light on older Dyson vacuum cleaners

The Dyson does not confirm it, but it is worth bearing in mind that on some earlier Dyson vacuum cleaners (up to the Dyson V7 series), a red light can also denote a motor issue. Although Dyson has not officially acknowledged it, this would only apply to older models of vacuum cleaners.

The solution: Dyson battery replacement

A red light typically indicates a battery issue with the vacuum. Battery replacement is typically required. Consider the following before simply purchasing a new battery:

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Use the serial number to see if the battery is compatible with your Dyson.

  • Determine if a screw-on or a clickable battery is required (this can differ)
  • Verify if you are still eligible for the warranty: The battery guarantee from Dyson is typically two years.

I strongly advise you to only select a battery from Dyson; universal batteries might be detrimental to the gadget and potentially cause it to malfunction

Here’s how to prevent lights from blinking in the future:

We wish to stay as far away from flashing lights as we can in the future. Thus, here are a few practical suggestions that might considerably increase the Dyson vacuum battery life:

  • Charges the battery when it still has 20% of its capacity.
  • Ensure the charging cord is never too tight
  • Regularly clean and replace the Dyson filters every 12 months.


Vacuum-related problems can be exceedingly stressful to deal with. But you won’t need to worry if you know what to do and how to accomplish it.

I’ve covered every approach you may take to resolve your Dyson vacuum’s flashing LED lights in this article. Be careful to clean, remove obstructions, charge, or send the device for repairs.

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