Why my Dyson Vacuum is Hard to Push on Carpet | 8 Solutions

Dyson vacuum cleaners are known for their best quality due to its user friendliness and larger warranty. It comes with number of models from cordless vacuums to handheld vacuum cleaners. The brand is great for picking dust particles as well as hair from your whole home.  

Although Dyson Vacuums are phenomenal to use but it comes with an inbuilt problem. When used on carpet, they are very hard to push. Suction becomes so powerful that it makes the vacuum cleaner very tight to push on carpet.

Reasons and Solutions for Dyson Vacuum Hard to Push on Carpet

dyson vacuum is hard to push on carpet

Height Adjustments are not set

More often, this problem arises due to wrong adjustment of vacuum height. The height of the vacuum is adjusted to the floor type you are cleaning.

The range of the height setting is from the bare floor setting to the high pile carpet settings.

If the height level you are using does not match the surface and you encounter a situation where it is getting hard to push the vacuum on the carpet, then change the height levels of the vacuum until you get that height that works for you.

Brushes are Jammed

Sometimes if the brushes of the Dyson Vacuums are stuck, it becomes very difficult to push the vacuum onto the surface. This can be because of dirt particles, hair, or pieces of debris, and hence the brush get stuck.

The brush either does not roll or causes hurdles in the vacuum moving process. 

Unplug the vacuum and turn it over to check the problem with the brush that either it is jammed or not.

If this is the case then remove all hair, debris, and dirt, and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Brush Belt is Broken

Occasionally, the brushes do not create problems but the belts are the culprit.

If you find your vacuum hard to push on the carpet and the brushes are also clear. Then there is a probability that the Dyson vacuum belts are broken.

To check for this problem, turn the machine on and slightly tilt it such that you are not close to the moving parts. Then check the belt, if it is not moving then it is broken for sure and it is time to replace the belt.

Always make sure to buy the right model and the right manufacturer’s belt.

Filter Bags are full

More often, the problem of vacuums being hard to push on carpets arises when the filter bags are full and debris has closed its mouth.

You must clean the filter bags regularly so that it becomes easy to use on carpets and floor.

The Hose is Damaged

If air leak happens it will lower the suction capability and causes your vacuum hard to push on carpets and floors. 

In this case, replace the hose with the new hose, and see if the problem gets solved.

Or check if the hose is clogged or not.  If it is blocked then unclog it immediately to check for a solution. 

damaged vacuum hose

Additional Solutions to Dyson Vacuums hard to push on Carpets

Install Motorized Brush roller

Sometimes, the brush roller get stuck. The suction power enhances in a way that when carpets are made of thick fiber, you have to exert extra push on the carpet for cleaning. 

Using a motorized brush roll will solve the problem as some Dyson Vacuum models come with the feature and a mechanized system will enable the vacuum to move smoothly on carpets. 

The latest models come with motorized brush rollers which have thick bristles and strong sucking power, that moves smoothly on the surfaces.

Pull the Vacuum instead of Pushing on the Carpet

This is the most unconventional way to fix the problem. On some high pile carpets, the suction of the vacuums becomes so strong that it becomes nearly impossible to push the vacuums on the carpets. 

For this solution, simply let the trigger released to remove the suction. Lift off the vacuum and turn the trigger on and pull the vacuum towards yourself as pulling is more convenient than pushing. This will easily remove the debris from the surfaces. 

Soleplate Checking

Soleplate is the part of the vacuum which touches the floor. You may check the soleplate if it clean and moving properly.

More often, a wheel is stuck or there may be a lot of debris particles stuck in the linings and head of the soleplate which makes it difficult for vacuum to be pushed on the carpet. 

In this situation, you must clean the soleplate and check for its movability on the carpets now.

Reduce Suction of Vacuum Cleaner

If your vacuum has too much suction on carpet, the best solution is to reduce the suction of a vacuum cleaner. There are multiple ways of reducing suction power. You can check them out here.

Conclusion- Final Thought – A Summary

Dyson Vacuum cleaner is although phenomenal brand but it comes with a problem of too much suction power on the carpets. This makes vacuum cleaners hard to push on the carpets. 

There could be a number of reasons for this problem.

Filter bags may be full, brush rolls are stuck with hair and debris or soleplates are not moving properly.

In either of the case, look for reasons why your Dyson vacuum cleaner is hard to push on carpet and try to fix the problem. If the problem persists, call the company for additional help. 

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