Why Shark Vacuum Roller Brush Starts Then Stops | Complete Guide

Shark vacuum has got a name in the market. But like other cleaners, this also lags in performance sometimes. It’s not that product is not good enough but it’s much depending on how we use the cleaner. Dust is usually the main reason which causes its roller brush to get jammed and that’s why after starting it stops suddenly.

Why do we Choose Shark Vacuums only? The Specialty behind the success

An official survey of “The spruce” ranked Shark Vacuums as a top brand of vacuum cleaners in 2022 after conducting research on a number of companies of vacuum cleaners on the basis of effectiveness, noise level, movability, and ease of emptying. 

The major specialty the survey highlighted was vacuum’s fully sealed filtration systems, powerful suction, reasonable prices, roller specifications, and detailed warranties.

There are 08 to 10 models available in the market, which are different on the basis of their user guide and user-friendliness. 

Top brand, but a major flaw?

Although a top brand in the vacuum cleaner industry, Shark Vacuum cleaners has a major flaw: that after it starts, the roller of the vacuum gets stuck and stops after a while.

The motor inside the machine is either not moving properly, or the brush roller stops spinning, hence causing the blockage of the machine.

Or you might have a concern about why it turns OFF when Shark vacuum is standing upright?

After reading this article, you’ll be able to know and comprehend the possible causes that why machine is not moving or stopping after it starts.

You will come to know the signs that why your Shark roller got stuck and stop working. Afterward, you will be able to identify the solutions to cope with the problem you’re facing.

shark vacuum roller starts then stops

Shark Vacuums not Working Properly / Brush Roller not Spinning / Machine Stops After it Starts- WHY?

Vacuum cleaners are the daily use products in homes, and if any problem occurs with the daily usable items, it creates frustration due to wastage of time and resource expenditure.

Shark Vaccum machines are often seen to have problems in their rollers, i.e., the motor not working properly or the wires are altered in a way that brush rollers are not spinning, etc.,  Following are the major signs of the problem.

Indications that your Shark Vacuum Roller Brush not Moving Properly

It is quite imperative to know the early signs that your Shark vacuum is not working or not moving properly.

That will either be because of roller brush dysfunction or some internal malfunctioning.

Light sign of Machine

The first sign is that the light of the machine tells if your vacuum’s roller brush stops working.

Some Shark Vacuum models like DuoClean and Navigator DLX include a light that indicates the start of the operations of the vacuum and when it stops. 

Suction Stopped

One of the easiest signs would be that you would notice is that the vacuum stops sucking dust/dirt from the floor or it does not pick as much as it should pick.

In this case, the suction power might have been lost, which might be due to the reason that your roller brush is not moving fully. 

Expelling Dust or Debris

Thirdly, when machine is not in use, the vacuum cleaner expels the dust and debris back onto the surface.

vacuum cleaner expelling dirt out

Spinning Sound Stops

If the sound of the spinning roller brush stops, this is an indication that the machine is not working, or the roller is not moving.   

Possible Causes and Troubleshooting Ideas of Vacuum’s Roller Brush not Spinning

The cleaning industry experts have tested different models of the Shark Vacuums and came to the conclusion that a common issue is that the roller brushes are not spinning.

Following causes and possible solutions to this problem could stop you from worrying in this scenario:

The Belt is Broken / not Working properly

The belts inside the machine cause the roller brush to spin. If it is untied to the mechanics, there is no way that roller brush starts, and eventually it will be in not moving position.

All you need to do is to replace the broken belt with a new belt. The belts are easily available in market at reasonable prices.

Displaced or Loose Nozzle- A major reason why Vacuum Roller isn’t Moving

If the nozzle is disengaged or in a loose position, it is probably the solid reason the brush roller is unable to spin.

If this is the case, make sure to press the handle firmly to attach the nozzle, and see if the vacuum cleaner now starts or not.

Blocked Brush Roll or Other Parts

Shark Vacuums have a safe protective mode, in which if some spare part stop working, a vacuum will stop and shut down in nanoseconds.

So, if the vacuum shuts down while doing cleaning, the blockage has happened for sure. 

brush roller blocked due to hair

To solve this, you should clean the dustbin to make sure that there is no clogging.

Another thing to do is to check for a blocked hose, if it is blocked, you may unclog it.

Occasionally, hair from the surfaces blocks the roller. For this, brush bristles must be cleaned from hair on the roller.

The Roller Brush Switch is OFF

Sometimes, it is the possibility that the switch of the roller brush is off.

Some models of shark vacuums come with LED light indicators which show if the brush is working or not.

Green light means the brush is working and a red light indicates the brush is in the stop position. Turn on the roller, if it is off. 

The Dust Box is Full

There is the possibility that the brush roller of the vacuum starts and then stops just because the dust box is full.

You must always empty and clean the dust box before using it for second time. 

Experts have conducted experiment with empty and full dust boxes to see how much dirt the vacuum cleaner could pick.

The results showed that empty dust boxes cleaner always perform well in cleaning. 

It is recommended to empty the dust box before it could reach the fill line because more dust in the box will bring less suction. 

man removing dust from vacuum cleaner dust box

“How to” Tips for Troubleshooting if the Shark Roller Brush Starts then stops

Do it Yourself (DIYs) at home often do miracles. At first, you should perform home-based practices if your machine starts and then stops and if it is not moving properly.

These practices can also be applied if your brush roll is not spinning and collecting dirt from surfaces.

How to Clean the Brush Roll

Brush Roll is cleaned with equipment like pair of scissors, razor blade, soft fiber cloth, and thread picker. For thorough cleaning, use scissors to cut the hair on the roller, use a blade to clean the nozzle head, and thread picker for taking little hair bits out. 

Use a soft fiber cloth to clean the filters of the roller after removing all hairy material.

How to Change the belt of the Roller

Some models of the Shark rollers come with belts, specifically designed to spin the roller. If the belt is worn out, it must be replaced by a new one. 

Equipment required to replace the belt is a screwdriver to remove the screws and a metallic wedge to separate wheels at the base of the vacuum.

After lifting the cover of the vacuum, remove the belt which is not moving and install a new belt. Reassemble the part, and check if the vacuum is working properly. 

How to empty the dust box

If the roller brush is not moving, then there are various ways to clear the dust box.  Following are some precise steps to follow and get rid of this problem:

Step 1: Unplug the vacuum from the electric outlet, or remove the battery

Step 2: Remove the dustbin from the vacuum.

Step 3: Empty the dust box from the dirt.

Step 4: Use water to clean the box 

Step 5: Dry and place back the dust box into the machine.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts- A Summary

Shark Vacuums although a top brand in the vacuum cleaning industry, yet have major flaws in the machine.

The major malfunctioning in the Shark machine that frustrates people is this thing that vacuum roller brush starts and after some beeps it stops working. We reached this conclusion after listening to a lot of people who are already Shark vacuum users.

Machine experts have found out that there are numerous causes of the problem and we have provided aforementioned step-by-step solutions to the problem. 

Major problems are related to clogging and blockage in the parts of the cleaner and dust and debris come out to the user when it starts its operation, or another problem is regarding its belt.

The solution is simple when the brush roller doesn’t spin, check it thoroughly using our aforementioned tips and you can easily find the culprit.

It is fixable by unclogging, cleaning, and replacing worn-out parts.

Spare parts are easily available on Amazon and eBay. So, enjoy using the shark vacuum cleaner which you already have, and get rid of malfunctioned brush roller that stops working.



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