Why Hoover Vacuum Power Button Not Working & Defective ON/OFF Switch is Stuck?

Hoover vacuum comes in handy when you want a quick fix in the cleaning department. Highly capable, Hoover vacuum excels in almost every aspect of cleaning – from large areas to even the tiniest surfaces, this vacuum cleaner has got your back.

Despite its many advantages, there are a few concerns that many Hoover users have reported, one such issue is related to the Hoover vacuum’s power button, which either won’t work or gets stuck.


There are many DIY tutorials present on YouTube and Hoover-related forums, most of them can be applied but require extreme patience.

However, it is always better to consult someone who’s experienced on the technical side, or else, you might just end up making things worse for your vacuum cleaner.

hoover vacuum power button not working

Now before judging Hoover for this dirt spitting out issue, let’s look at some of the possible reasons why your vacuum cleaner is facing this issue. 

Overheating of Hoover Vacuum Windtunnel

Has it ever happened that you’re using your Hoover Windtunnel and it suddenly turns off? This could be one of the reasons for your problem.

Hoover WindTunnel comes with a thermal protection mechanism.

Its main role is that whenever your vacuum gets overheated, this thermal protection mechanism will turn your vacuum’s motor off automatically. This way, your vacuum’s motor, and money, both stay safe.

Your vacuum can get overheated due to many reasons, mainly due to frequent usage or due to clogging of your Hoover’s filters. Due to this, your vacuum’s motor doesn’t get enough room for cooling and may get overheated easily. 

When it comes to frequent usage, the solution is to allow your vacuum to rest or cool down after every 15-20 minutes of usage.

For filters, the only viable way to troubleshoot this problem is to clean your Hoover’s filters and empty their dust canister.

Check your Cordless Hoover Vacuum’s Power Outlet


If your cordless Hoover vacuum is reluctant to start and is not working, then here are a few tests run that you can perform to encounter this problem.

  • Every cordless vacuum cleaner has temperature instructions, guiding the consumers to the ideal environment for it. In the case of Hoover vacuums, the temperature generally ranges from 5°C to 35°C.
  • Charge your vacuum cleaner before putting it to use. Recommended charging time for Hoover vacuums is at least a day, to get maximum use out of it.
  • If your cordless vacuum cleaner doesn’t give off a light when you put it to charge, then there’s a high possibility that your power outlet is not working and needs replacement.

check your power outlet

Dirt in Roller of Your Vacuum Cleaner

Due to dust, debris, or even hairs, the roller of your Hoover Windtunnel won’t work properly. 

This causes your vacuum cleaner to turn off after a few seconds of function.

Luckily, most vacuum cleaners come with the luxury of cleaning the roller and other compartments of the vacuum cleaner at home.

To perform the cleaning operation, simply unscrew or separate your vacuum cleaner’s roller from its compartment.

Now, clean any dust particle or debris you may find in your vacuum’s roller. A clean roller means an efficiently functioning motor!

A user on Hoover’s forum claimed that his vacuum cleaner used to turn off automatically after a few minutes after he used to switch it on.

This issue was resolved when he found that his vacuum cleaner’s roller was wrapped in tangled hairs! Just imagine what your vacuum cleaner has to go through.

The user then reported his cleaner to be “good as new”, after cleaning the roller compartment.

Although this seems uncomfortable, you’ll have to do the dirty work to get your vacuum cleaner to start.

Hoover Vacuum’s Air Circuit Blockage

For one reason or the other, the plug can block or constrict the air circuit of your vacuum cleaner. This causes your vacuum cleaner to possess a decreased suction power, resulting in lesser efficiency.

It may also cause your Hoover vacuum to power off by itself after a few seconds of functioning.

You can check whether or not this is the cause of the improper functioning of your Hoover’s power button – by observing your vacuum cleaner’s suction power.

Hoover Vacuum Power Switch Stuck

Sometimes, it so happens that the on/off power switch of your Hoover vacuum is stuck. This can be due to various reasons, which can range from being pretty basic to technical.

There are two ways you can fix this, however, one of them is just a temporary fix in case you want your Hoover vacuum to start functioning urgently.

Let’s look at the temporary fix first, in this case, you’ll have to open the power switch of your Hoover, after which you’ll see two wires present inside it. Now, your job is to connect those two wires directly into the socket.

For safety purposes, wrap the tape around those two wires. Preferably, turn your Hoover vacuum “ON” before plugging the wires directly, so that you know when it starts to work.

As for a permanent fix, you’ll have to go to your reliable service center and get the power switch replaced. There’s no other way to go on about it.

Faulty Power Switch


There may be a possibility that you’re not even getting any power when you plug your vacuum cleaner into the socket.

To be sure, place a multimeter on your plug’s pins to see if there’s any power being supplied, if that’s the case, you’re good to go.

However, if there’s no power being supplied to the plug, you now know where the trouble lies.

For troubleshooting purposes, you’ll have to replace the plug from a service center.

check faulty power switch

Insufficient Voltage for Hoover Vacuums

If your power outlet is completely fine and you’ve also cleaned your vacuum cleaner, then the power button probably isn’t working due to an insufficient voltage being supplied.

To troubleshoot this, try plugging the cord of your vacuum cleaner in every socket of your house, you might get what you wanted!

A Hoover user reported that he tried all the sockets in his house but none of them seemed to turn his vacuum cleaner on.

However, after plugging it into a 120V socket outside his house, his cleaner came back to life, maybe give this a try as well.

Hoover Windtunnel Power Switch Location

If you’ve just bought the Hoover Windtunnel, then surely, finding the power switch on your vacuum cleaner would’ve been a pain for you lately. 

This can be attributed to the color contrast of blue and gray present on the vacuum cleaner.

For Hoover Windtunnels, the power button can be located on the blue front handle. 

The blue handle is the one that users use to hold and move the vacuum cleaner. Almost always, the power button is gray.

Replacement of a Defective On/Off Switch on a Hoover Vacuum

Your Hoover Vacuum has an on/off power switch whose main purpose is to kickstart the motor once turned on.

Like all electrical components, this power switch too can become defective.

Luckily, you don’t have to be an electrical wizard to replace the defective switch on your own, all you need is a few household tools to get started.


Before we dive into your power switch’s repair tutorial, here are a few tools that you must have for this repair to be a successful one.

  1. Flat-head screwdriver
  2. Needle nose pliers
  3. A brand new Hoover Vacuum on/off power switch for your Hoover Windtunnel

Following are the steps which you can take to replace the defective switch on your vacuum cleaner:

Step 1 – Unplug and Unscrew

Firstly, unplug the vacuum cleaner’s power cord if it’s connected to a power outlet.

Turn the cleaner towards yourself so that its back is easily accessible for you.

Now, there’ll be two screws on the right and left side of the vacuum cleaner’s back which is fairly visible. Unscrew them with the help of a screwdriver.

Step 2 – Opening the Baggage Partition

After the removal of both the screws, the on/off switch will become visible to you. However, operating it in this scenario will be relatively hard.

Therefore, you have to complete a fair amount of steps to operate your Hoover Windtunnel’s on/off switch easily, without any casualties.

Gently pull the handle off of the vacuum cleaner and shift your Hoover vacuum 180 degrees for clear visibility of the vacuum cleaner’s front.

 Open the partition where your cleaner’s baggage is located.

Step 3 – Unscrew

There, you’ll find three screws, present on the right, left, and top sides. Remove those screws and place them at a secure location.

Step 4 – Removal of Extra Material and Casing

Components present in the tool-storage compartment. 

Remove the casing securing the screws and other valuable components of the cleaner. 

By performing these two steps, you are granted passage to the front and back end of the power switch.

Step 5 – Unhooking the Wires

Now’s the time to use the third tool that I mentioned, the needle nose pliers.

With assistance from your needle nose pliers, unhook the two wires which are connected to the on/off power switch.

However, be extremely cautious when you do so because applying large force can also cause the switch terminals to break, putting all your efforts to waste.

Step 6 – Attachment of the New Power Switch

Rotate the machine again, so that its back is facing you. 

With the help of your screwdriver, remove the defective on/off switch and replace it with the new switch.

Push the new on/off power switch in its position for firm grip and proper functioning. Be cautious about the circuit symbols on the power switch, the off button should be present at the bottom.

Attach the wires which you earlier removed again to your power switch. One wire would be wrapped with a plastic cover whilst the other would be a metal wire.

The prior wire should be placed at the top whilst the latter should be present at the bottom.

Step 7 – Reassembly

Voila! You’re 95% done, now’s the time to put back every time at its place, the fun part.

Re-attach the wires carefully with your needle nose pliers. Put the plastic casing back on. Put the handle back in.

And, let those bad dust particles feel your vacuum cleaner’s wrath!


“The power button won’t work, and is stuck”. This is a fairly common issue when it comes to Hoover vacuum cleaners.

Sadly, there’s not much being done by the company at the moment to encounter this problem and many consumers have become frustrated by it.

However, in most cases, the issue doesn’t always arise because of your vacuum cleaner, the reason can be pretty basic than that.

Generally, most of the cases are due to improper maintenance, which either leaves the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner full or clogs its filters.

This leads to a variety of issues, the improper functioning of your vacuum cleaner’s power button being one of them. 

To sum it all up, if your Hoover vacuum’s power button is not working, you should get it cleaned and maintained, before jumping to other possible solutions.

Happy vacuuming!

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