Shark Brush Roll Indicator Not Red and Stopped Spinning

I can imagine the sight of using your vacuum cleaner, but it fails to pick up dirt because the brush roll is not spinning. It makes you want to burn the vacuum down, doesn’t it? But what if I present a solution to your problem “Shark Brush Roll Indicator Green But Not Spinning”?

Typically, your Shark vacuum cleaner works fine when the indicator light is green and has some trouble if the light is red. In your case, the brush roll is stuck even with a green light. The possible reasons may include dirty filters, a clog in the brush roll, a broken belt, or a loose nozzle.

Don’t think that I’ll leave you with these blank reasons. No, you must read further below to look at the solutions too! Let us begin with our troubleshooting guide.

Troubleshooting Shark Brush Roll Indicator Green But Not Spinning?

Before we put a full stop to the problem of the brush roll, let us see why this occurs in the first place. This will help you avoid similar issues in the future!

Did You Know? Clogs removal is one of the key fixes to solve your problem.

Troubleshooting indicator signs of an inefficient brush roll:

Shark Brush Roll Indicator Green But Not Spinning

  • You feel your vacuum cleaner isn’t sucking up dirt as it used to.
  • You think that your vacuum cleaner is going through a low suction.
  • The indicator light goes red. A red indicator light tells you that the brush roll isn’t working. However, in some cases, you may face issues with the brush roll, even with a green indicator light.
  • Your vacuum cleaner starts to vomit dirt and debris when you’re not using it.

What to do When The Brush Roll Stops Spinning on Shark Vacuum?

The brush roll is an essential component of your vacuum cleaner, so it’s important to take great care of it. The following list will help you troubleshoot the issues and fix them if the indicator light is green but the beater bar stops working or the vacuum shuts down. In your case, you might hear a motor running with proper suction but not a movement of the brush bar.

Entanglements in the Brush Roll

One of the first things to do when you experience brush roll issues checks for blockages. During cleanups, your vacuum cleaner picks up tons of dust, debris, and hair. Therefore, there’s a high probability of dust buildup. Your vacuum’s brush roll stop spinning if hairs get stuck in it.

Items Needed to Eliminate Blockages or Hair From The Brush Roll

Before diving into the whole operation, here are some must-have tools to begin with:

A pair of scissors to cut off tangled hairs and other such enmeshments.
A microfiber cloth and some alcohol wipe to thoroughly clean the dust.
A small thread picker to easily remove minute hairs.
A razor blade to cut the hair, thread & wool build-ups around your Shark vacuum’s nozzle head.

Removal of Dust Buildup and Tangled Hairs

In case of a dust buildup – thoroughly clean your vacuum cleaner’s brush roll and the surrounding areas. You’re lucky you have a Shark vacuum since it’s relatively easy to disengage, and this saves you tons of time during your troubleshooting session.

Shark brush roll cleaning

However, things may get nasty if you see hairs tangled up with the brush roll. Now, you’ll have to grab a pair of scissors and carefully remove the tangled hair without cutting the brush bristles. This process requires great care because damage to the bristles of the beater bar may hinder its functionality in picking up the stuff.

Shark users love to have a robot vacuum to automate the cleaning process, some of you may have encountered problems with that too. Understand what does the red exclamation point mean?

Broken or Damaged Belt

The older models of Shark had a belt attached to the brush roll, and the belt had one function – to make the brush roll spin. So, if you have an old Shark vacuum, there’s a high chance that your vacuum cleaner has developed a case of a broken belt. Not replacing the belt will lose its strength and wear off.

The most viable solution for you is to replace the belt with a brand-new one. To do this, you may contact Shark for an original belt or refer to your nearest electronic shop to grab a third-party belt for your vacuum cleaner.

However, if you possess newer models of Shark, then you don’t need to worry about a damaged or loose belt. New vacuum models of Shark come without a belt, and other mechanisms are involved in making it a spin.

Filled Dust Container

If you haven’t emptied your vacuum cleaner’s dust container recently, chances are that it has made quite a mess!

When your vacuum’s dust compartment isn’t looked after, it can create several issues for the poor device. Some of these issues involve low suction power and handicapped brush roll – these are the two things you never want for your Shark vacuum.

So, clear the dust from your vacuum’s dustbin, and see the magic! This isn’t just a theory; experts have tried vacuuming their households with an empty and a filled dust compartment. As expected, an empty dust bin always accomplished better performance.

Loose Floor Nozzle

Floor nozzles are a handy accessory for your vacuum cleaner, allowing it to suck up dirt from the surface. 

If the floor nozzle becomes loose, it won’t allow your Shark vacuum’s brush roll to spin. Disengage the handle from your vacuum’s floor nozzle to work your way around this. Re-install everything as it was – this will secure the issue of a loose nozzle.

While at it, inspect the floor nozzle for possible blockages or dust buildup. In case of a jam or buildup, thoroughly clean the nozzle before reattaching it to your vacuum cleaner.

Broken or Damaged Hose

In case of a damaged or broken hose – you may experience an issue with your Shark vacuum’s brush roll. 

To be sure of this, disengage the hose from your vacuum cleaner. Thoroughly inspect the hollow tube with a flashlight and ensure no perforations or holes in it.

Also, look out for possible blockages. If they’re present, use a rod-like material to eliminate them. 


You may bang your head when your Shark vacuum shows a green indicator light but does not spin. However, the solutions above will help you overcome them and enjoy smooth cleaning!

Shark vacuum cleaners are designed to help users easily disassemble the device in case of issues. Therefore, you won’t have to visit a technician for getting it fixed. Suppose, when your Shark vacuum’s brush roll is not spinning even with a green indicator light. In that case, the possible problems may reside in the belt, hose, floor nozzle, dust compartment, and brush roll.

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