How to Use Rainbow Vacuum as a Humidifier?

How to use rainbow vacuum as humidifier?

Rainbow started manufacturing vacuums in 1929. Since their specialty is water filtration, they can also serve as a potential humidifier. However, you might need clarification on how to use your Rainbow vacuum as a humidifier. To convert your vacuum cleaner into a humidifier, you need to complete a set of steps – which are fairly … Read more

Hoover Vacuum Reset Button Location

Hoover Vacuum Reset Button

Hoover has quite a huge name in the vacuum industry since they provide users with durable devices and efficient cleaning. However, Hoover vacuums can also go through some issues if they are not maintained regularly – some of these issues require you to reset your device. However, is there a reset button on your Hoover … Read more

Where Is Shark Vacuum Reset Button?

Where is Shark Vacuum Reset Button?

Shark vacuums guarantee you high performance, comfort, and a hassle-free experience. However, inevitable system glitches or internal issues may arise in the device, causing you to resort to a factory reset. Typically, the company does not offer a Shark vacuum reset button separately.  However, the vacuum cleaner can go through a factory reset using two … Read more

Shark Ion Robot WiFi Connectivity Troubleshooting

How Do I Reset My Shark Ion Robot WiFi?

A familiar problem Shark Ion users need help with is wifi connectivity. That is, the Wifi either disconnects regularly or doesn’t connect at all. Therefore, you’re left to wonder, “how do I reset my Shark robot ion’s Wifi?” Generally, the issue can either reside in your vacuum cleaner or your router. Luckily, some quick, easy … Read more

Vacuum Hose Suction Works But Not Bottom


Why does your vacuum hose works but not the bottom? Typically, this indicates an issue with your vacuum cleaner’s main base or bottom. You might even notice a loud noise coming from your vacuum cleaner’s hose when you start it up for cleaning. Your vacuum cleaner can encounter problems regarding the main base or the … Read more