Hoover Vacuum Reset Button Location

Hoover has quite a huge name in the vacuum industry since they provide users with durable devices and efficient cleaning. However, Hoover vacuums can also go through some issues if they are not maintained regularly – some of these issues require you to reset your device. However, is there a reset button on your Hoover vacuum? Let’s find out!

Certain processes in Hoover vacuums require you to reset the device. However, in some vacuum models of Hoover, there is no specific reset button included. Therefore, you’ll have to follow certain steps to reset your device.

Continue going through this article as we unveil everything there is to know about the reset switch on the Hoover vacuum.

Where Is The Brush Roll Reset on Hoover Vacuum?

In some models of Hoover, there is no specific reset button. On the other hand, in Hoover vacuums such as the Wind Tunnel Bagless Upright, there is a reset switch present. The reset button on these devices is located on the side of the vacuum cleaner’s brush roll. 

The reset button can easily be spotted since it is labeled“Brush Roll Reset” on the Hoover vacuums.

Hoover Vacuum Reset Button

How to Reset The Brush Roll On Hoover Vacuum?

The brush roll is one of the most vital components of any vacuum cleaner. Due to blockages, or clogging, the vacuum cleaner on your Hoover vacuum may face several issues.

Your Hoover vacuum comes with a Brush roll indicator. 

For instance, when your vacuum cleaner’s brush roll is working well, the light on your brush roll indicator shows green. However, if it’s facing problems, the brush roll will blink red.

To fix the issue with your brush roll, follow the steps given below:

  • Power Off your Hoover vacuum.
  • Unplug your vacuum cleaner.
  • Thoroughly inspect your vacuum cleaner for blockages or clogs. In case of blockages, carefully remove them from your device.
  • Press the reset button located on the side of your vacuum cleaner.
  • Wait 30 seconds before plugging in your vacuum cleaner and powering it On.

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Hoover vacuums are handy devices when it comes to cleaning. However, improper maintenance can make them face several issues. To solve these issues, you’ll have to reset your Hoover vacuum.

Where is the reset button located? Some Hoover vacuums don’t have a specific reset button. Therefore, you’ll need to follow a set of steps to accomplish a successful reset. However, in models such as WindTunnel Upright Bagless, there is a reset button. This button is on the side of your vacuum’s brush roll.

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