How to Use Rainbow Vacuum as a Humidifier?

Rainbow started manufacturing vacuums in 1929. Since their specialty is water filtration, they can also serve as a potential humidifier. However, you might need clarification on how to use your Rainbow vacuum as a humidifier.

To convert your vacuum cleaner into a humidifier, you need to complete a set of steps – which are fairly easy. So, let’s begin with our guide and get you a converted humidifier in no time! 

Convert Rainbow Vacuum to a Humidifier With 6 Easy Steps:

Rainbow vacuum can serve as a humidifier, air purifier, and deodorizer. Follow the steps below to convert your vacuum cleaner into a humidifier:

  1. Fill the water compartment with cold water. However, ensure to put in the optimum amount of water, which should be within the water-level dome.
  2. Place your vacuum cleaner’s power unit on top of the water compartment. To verify a proper alignment, compare the air intake on both pieces. 
  3. The water container on your Rainbow vacuum contains two latches on either side – fasten them to ensure the safety of your system.
  4. Place your vacuum cleaner in the area which you wish to humidify. Connect the electrical cord to a working power supply.
  5. Power on your vacuum cleaner, and leave it there for humidification.
  6. Keep a check on your vacuum cleaner’s water compartment since the water level is likely to decrease after some time.

How to use rainbow vacuum as humidifier?


 In case of water shortage, turn off your vacuum cleaner, and repeat the above steps.

Do you know? You can turn a vacuum cleaner into a leaf blower by reversing the airflow. 

Pro Tip

You can freshen up the environment with your vacuum-turned-humidifier as well. To do so, add one of Rainbow’s fragrances or deodorizers inside the water compartment. 


Rainbow is one of the top brands when it comes to water-based cleaning. Since the company’s inception in 1929, they are widely known for its water-filtration system, which has improved over the years. Due to this, they can function as humidifiers as well. If you’re wondering how to use your Rainbow vacuum as a humidifier, you’ll be delighted to read the above article!

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