Dirt Devil Keep Shutting Off Randomly- Overheat Reset

You bought a new Dirt Devil, and everything was great. Until the vacuum cleaner ran into trouble and started turning off randomly by itself after every few seconds. Now you’re left thinking: “Why does my dirt devil keep shutting off?” Briefly saying, overheating of vacuum could be one of the looming factors. I’ll walk you through the rest of the causes & fixes in the article. 

Generally, Dirt Devils keep shutting off due to several reasons, which include: 

  • Faulty Circuit Board
  • Motor Overheating
  • Dust Cup
  • Defective Battery
  • Overheating
  • Dirty Filters

However, let’s expand on the details to tweak your problems and get your vacuum cleaner working in no time!

Dirt Devil Turns Off By Itself – Possible Fixes

You see, Dirt Devils are handy devices and quite efficient cleaners. However, they suddenly start shutting off due to the aforementioned reasons.

But don’t worry because you can use the following steps to eliminate these issues and bring your vacuum cleaner back to life:

It might be possible that your vacuum cleaner’s battery has given up and it isn’t efficient anymore. So, in this case, the most viable solution is to replace the old battery with a new one.

Why Does My Dirt Devil Keep Shutting Off?

  1. If Dirt Devil’s filters become dirty, it’ll lead to poor cleaning and overheating. In case of overheating, your vacuum cleaner won’t start due to a thermal-safety mechanism present in the device to keep it from catching fire. Therefore, it is better to check your vacuum filters and clean or replace filters if they’re dirty or expired.
  2. Your Dirt Devil is dependent on the dust container for airflow. So, if the dust cup becomes full, it won’t allow air to flow, thereby restricting the cooling process. This way, your device will overheat more quickly and turn off in a few seconds. Therefore, empty the dust cup to avoid the constriction of airflow.
  3. The motor is a vital component of your vacuum cleaner. If the roller brushes get tangled with hair, then the brush will struggle to roll, thereby heating up the vacuum and turning it off. Hence, to work your way around this, eliminate the tangled hair & debris.
  4. Plug in your device to any other power outlet. Sometimes, there’s not enough voltage power coming through the outlets. Therefore, electrical devices fail to work. 
  5. Overuse of the device in one session can cause the device to reach its maximum capacity. Therefore, allow it to cool down for 15-20 mins and try again after. A stuck power button may not allow you to turn your cleaner off and hence unintentional overuse can cause it to overheat and eventually vacuum will stop working. 
  6. Another case can occur as well, which is regarding the internal circuitry. Due to various reasons, sucking the liquid spills can make hardware problematic, causing it to shut down instantly after use. Therefore, take your vacuum cleaner to a technician, and sort your vacuum’s internal circuitry out.

Dirt Devil Overheating Reset

When your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner starts to shut off by itself, the possible reason can be overheating. 

Dirt Devils are equipped with a thermal protection system, which tends to shut the device off if it overheats. You can try to reset the vacuum cleaner if you’ve cleared out all the blockages and the overheating still occurs.

The reset button is commonly found near the bottom side of your Dirt Devil, and the process typically takes around 30 – 45 mins. 

Another location to find the reset button is on the upper left-hand side of the unit. Locate the low-voltage wires connecting points in a vacuum you will find it there.


Q. Dirt Devil Vacuum Suddenly Stopped Working

When your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners stop working suddenly, there might be numerous reasons behind it. These reasons include the following:

Any of these reasons can contribute to your problem. Therefore, it’s necessary to maintain your vacuum cleaner properly and regularly check for possible blockages or damages.


Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners are a reputable brand that provides efficient cleaning devices. However, due to improper maintenance and carelessness – your Dirt Devil may fall prey to various malfunctions that can keep shutting it off.

These reasons include a faulty circuit board, motor overheating, dust cup, defective battery, and dirty filters.

The fixes to this problem require little time and effort. Therefore, check out the article above and get your Dirt Devil back on its feet again!

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