Bissell Vacuum Power Button Stuck | Reasons Explained

Bissell Vacuums are very popular in the market. Undoubtedly their quality is of utmost surprise.

But since vacuum cleaners are also machines, they can be problematic sometimes. In the present situation, if the Bissell Vacuum power button is stuck, you need to do some troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

Some of the prominent reasons that I’ve heard in my experience are faulty power outlets or the presence of dust and debris around the power button.

Troubleshoot why Bissell Vacuum Power Button is Stuck

Let’s discuss the possible reasons if your Bissell is not turning on due to a defective power button.

Check for Visible Damage to the Power Button

There is a possible chance that due to some sudden jerk or accidental drop from a height, Bissell’s power button might break. You should check for any visible crack in the button or surroundings.

If your vacuum cleaner is old it might face some wear and tear. This might hinder the working of your Bissell vacuum cleaner power button.

how to fix bissell vacuum power button that's not working

SOLUTION: If there is some crack in the button, you have to replace that button with a new power button.

Check for Dirt/Debris

If your Bissell’s power button is not working properly, the second thing you can do to fix the power button is, you should check for any visible dirt or debris around the power button.

This dirt can cause the vacuum power button to stick and ultimately halt its functionality.

It’s common for vacuum cleaners to accumulate dirt while cleaning because the dirt in the atmosphere can get stuck in the parts or any openings around the power button of the vacuum cleaner.

SOLUTION: You can remove the debris present around the button’s housing from any object having a pencil-thin head. You can use a paper clip to remove dirt.

Age of Vacuum Power Button

This is such a bad cause, that may be heavy on your pocket.

If your cleaner is old and you press the power button and it’s not working it might be due to age. Bcz some components may damage with time.

If this is the case, the only solution is to replace the power button to revive the working again.

Manufacturer’s Error

If your vacuum cleaner is new but still the power button is not working properly this might be the manufacturing default. Although this error is reported very little, still some users report this. So, it’s worth discussing.

SOLUTION: In this case, you should quickly call your manufacturer to either send you a replacement or fix the power button.

After checking for all the above troubleshooting tips, if the Bissell vacuum power button is still not working and is stuck then you should disassemble the vacuum cleaner head to examine in detail for the cause.

Disassembling the Bissell to Fix the Stuck Power Button

If after all the troubleshooting, the power button still isn’t working, you should disassemble the vacuum cleaner to gain access to the power button.

In order to avoid any confusion and disassemble Bissell easily you need to refer to the owner’s manual to disassemble your particular model of vacuum.

Once you have disassembled the cleaner head use a cotton swab to clean the button’s housing. Remove any tangled dust in the button to avoid sticking out the button.

Now reassemble the vacuum and plug in the power cord in the outlet and check your power button. It’ll be in working condition again.

If in any case, you need help reassembling, consult the repair guide of your vacuum model.

Safety Precautions

Don’t open the vacuum cleaner head if it is plugged into the outlet.

Make sure to remove the power switch from the electric outlet if you want to troubleshoot by disassembling it, in order to avoid any harm to yourself.

In some cases, it is suggested to remove the battery before disassembling the vacuum cleaner.

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FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Where can you Locate Bissell Power Button?

Bissell has a wide range of models of vacuum cleaners available in the market. The location of the button of the vacuum cleaner depends on the model of Bissell. But normally power button can be easily located on the handle or on the top of the vacuum.

Bissell Vacuum Power Button Won’t Stay ON?

If the power button won’t stay ON for a long time it means the power switch has gone bad mechanically. You need to do the replacement of the power switch in this case.

Final Words

Troubleshooting Bissell’s stuck power button isn’t a big task. You should just skim through the power button surroundings. You just have to check there shouldn’t be any dust or any kind of damage to the power button.

If the condition is different, and you aren’t able to bring the power button to working condition again, consulting professional assistance would be the best bet.

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