Neato Vacuum Battery Issue 0002 | Troubleshooting

Neato vacuum battery issue 0002 is a huge peril, impacting the sales and image of the miraculous cleaner. No doubt being the best performing robotic cleaner neato vacuum is being hyped all over the market. Its high performance; well-designed and remote-controlled vacuum are the factors that caught the interest of numerous users.

This product owing to its latest features is a great success for manufacturers. However recently some negative reviews about its battery issue had been observed. In the following article, we will be discussing the possible factors that lead to this issue.

Li-Ion Battery

Firstly, according to manufacturers this neato vacuum battery issue 0002 is caused probably when some users are using Li-Ion batteries on a charger that is designed to charge NiMH.

The Neato is designed in a way that it can determine the different amps required to charge the batteries and issue an error code 0002 as a result.

In other words, if you use Li-Ion batteries on a charger that is designed to charge NiMH batteries, then this malfunction occurs.

Then Neato vacuum will signal an error 0002 if the discrepancy in amps required to charge the batteries is detected.

Observations- Neato Battery Issues

It has been observed that neato vacuum battery issues are very much common. On various websites, a lot of users sounded concerned because of this issue. Some most common symptoms are discussed ahead.

Black screen

When neato vacuum battery observes an issue its screen blacks out and the boot-up system fails. This clearly shows that the neato vacuum battery has been blacked out.

Red light

While switching ON and OFF the neato vacuum it is observed that the led lights don’t respond and function at all.

The solid amber led lights around the start button when docked to the charger remains unresponsive is the depiction of warned-out battery of the Neato vacuum cleaner.

Unresponsive button

If soft and hard reset buttons remain unresponsive this shows that the neato vacuum battery is showing issues.

For any electronic device, the basic battery issue is figured out through unresponsive buttons or faulty power buttons that get stuck.

neato vacuum battery issue 0002

Removing/Reinstalling Battery Ineffective

When Neato battery depicts a serious issue it can also be figured in a manner by removing and reinstalling the battery again and again.

Even if it doesn’t respond it means it’s not a connection issue rather it’s a serious battery issue.

Resolving this issue: Most importantly identifying this error is an important factor and then adopting methods that will help resolve them. For this we will be discussing most important factors and how this issue should be resolved.

Not all the vacuums show the error indication in form of digital errors. However, it might be tricky to understand the nature of error in vacuums like Roomba which have light indication rings? Just go through the link to get heck of it.

Checking the connections

The neato battery’s connections should be checked in the first place. Whether power switch is ON or OFF.

After checking these connections, we can infer that connections are not loose. Then look into other factors.

Soft Reset

Sometimes batteries stop working sometimes, this issue is common in neato batteries too.

When this type of battery issue occurs, one should adopt the soft reset method. In soft reset method press and hold the home button for some time of about 20 seconds.

By doing so neato battery will restart and will be able to perform effectively.

Hard reset

In hard reset disconnect battery for a little longer, for about 4-5 minutes. This process will also reboot the battery of the neato vacuum cleaner.

Securing the connections

Another method that can be adopted to resolve neato vacuum battery issue is unscrewing battery doors.

Moreover, this ensures that the provided connections are secure. Any observed loose terminal is tightened and frayed wires are sorted.

Auto-battery reboot method

As the neato vacuum has a fully automated system, it has inbuilt programming that can fix this bug.

As per instructions, navigate to the menu icon and then to support. After that click to new battery. As soon as thank you appears on screen return to the back.

This will fully charge and recharge the battery cycle and improve its health and life.


After studying this blog, you will be able to evaluate severe battery issues in neato vacuum that is 0002.

All the possible indications have been discussed along with precautionary measures. We can evaluate that neato vacuum battery issue is a major concern for lot of users.

This crucial issue can be easily resolved once we figure out core reason for this initiating problem. Lastly, it is advised that users should get this neato vacuum examined from authorized service centers for the best fixing of neato vacuum battery issue 0002.

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