My Vacuum Smells Like Dog – How to get rid of it?

Being a pet owner, I know the sight of pet furs or hairs lying around tends to irritate you. That’s why you vacuum your room regularly but it starts smelling like a dog, socks or feet.

This unpleasant smell coming from your vacuum cleaner, after every cleaning session, isn’t it?

What haven’t you tried? Emptying the vacuum canister did reduce the foul smell, but you didn’t get rid of it completely.

This is a common issue among all pet owners, so don’t worry, you’re not alone.

However, unlike most pet owners, you’ll be getting rid of this foul smell by simply following the guide I’m about to present you with, which can eliminate the problem of your vacuum smelling like a dog.

Why Does Your Vacuum Smell Like a Dog?

Cleaning up after the mess your pets have made surely comes as a treat, but one downside is that it can leave your vacuum cleaner smelly. 

This typically happens because of the large number of contaminants that mix up in your vacuum cleaners container or canister, and altogether produce an unpleasant odor.

Some other factors also contribute to this problem, which is mentioned as follows:

  • Poor maintenance of the vacuum cleaner
  • Uncommon emptying of the canister
  • Dirty vacuum filters
  • Clogged dirt in your vacuum cleaner’s parts 
  • Vacuuming of moist dirt

Why Does My Vacuum Smell Like a Dog?

How is the Working of Your Vacuum Cleaner Linked to Unpleasant Odor?

This is mainly related to dirty or worn-out filters. Whenever you vacuum your household or any surface, the air taken in by your vacuum cleaner is used to transport the already present dirt into the dust canister. 

After fulfilling its purpose, this “taken” air goes through the filtration process, which has to pass through your vacuum cleaner’s filters. 

However, if the filters are dirty or clogged with dirt, then the air which is released will not be entirely free from dust. This will cause the “released” air to produce an unpleasant odor, along with dust.

How You Can Prevent Your Vacuum Cleaner from Smelling Like a Dog

Luckily, there are several ways and tips that you can use to prevent your vacuum cleaner from smelling like a dog, but let’s look at some of the fundamentals areas, which need cleaning first:

Cleaning Your Vacuum Cleaner’s Filters

Since the filters are responsible for clearing out dust, dirt, and allergens, it is also one of the main culprits which are accountable for your vacuum’s bad odor, therefore, it is necessary to clean your vacuum’s filters regularly. 

Typically, you should clean your vacuum cleaner’s filters once after every 2 months, this will eliminate the chances of smelly contaminants to succeed in their mission.

NOTE: If you have a vacuum cleaner with a filter that is non-washable, then the only logical solution is to replace the filters with new ones.

Regular Emptying of Vacuum Cleaner

As said before, different contaminants mix up in your vacuum cleaner’s dust container to produce a bad odor. However, if you empty and clean your vacuum cleaner’s dust bag regularly, then what is left to produce a bad odor?

Fixes to Prevent Your Vacuum Cleaner, from Smelling Like a Dog

Cleaning Your Vacuum Cleaner’s Hose

Don’t take this area lightly, because large amounts of contaminants can get stuck inside it! However, to clean up your vacuum cleaner’s hose, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Remove the hose from the vacuum cleaner
  • Use a rod-like material or broom handle to access the internal section of the hose, and eliminate any large debris formed.
  • Fill your sink with enough warm water to cover your vacuum cleaner’s hose.
  • Now, take one tablespoon of soap, and put it in the sink, along with two tablespoons of baking soda or bleach with vinegar as an add-on.
  • After following these steps, rest the hose in the sink for at least a day. After that’s done, run clean water through the hose to get rid of the leftover foam.
  • Hang the hose in a suitable place to dry it. The recommended time to leave your vacuum’s hose for drying is two days.
  • There you go! The hose will now be free from any bad odor and can be reattached to its rightful place.

Vacuum Deodorizers

In some cases, cleaning the vital areas of your vacuum cleaner won’t be enough. That’s why you can always use a vacuum deodorizer to enrich your vacuum cleaner with a fresh smell that masks the unpleasant dog smell. 

Vacuum deodorizers come in different shapes, and are used in your vacuum cleaner’s dust container. 

Want the perfect deodorizer for your vacuum cleaner? Here are the Top 10 Best Vacuum Deodorizers

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Why does my vacuum smells like feet?

After a while when you stop using your vacuum cleaner it start smelling like feet or dusty. You can still smell it even you put it in a bag.

There is a simple fix to make it smell fresh. Take your vacuum bag out, then use some air freshener, which one to use? There’s not any particular you can use anyone. This air freshener could be the normal one which you use for your car. 

Once you have taken the vacuum bag out put it in there and put your bag in back. 

Well, that’s it. When your turn your Shark, Dyson or any vacuum cleaner on. The air sucking through it will smell fantastic. It’s a pretty much simple fix.

Eliminating Dog Smell (5 Organic and Industrial Products that are Powerful)

Which Product To Use To Get Rid Of Foul Smells Like Feet Or Dog From Your Vacuum?

Essential Oils

You can use the essential oils of your choice and add them to a spray bottle. A 32-ounce spray bottle will require about 30 drops of essential oil. After you’ve done this, spray a few times into your vacuum cleaner’s dust compartment, and you’re good to go!

Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the most powerful weapons you can use against bad odor. It can either be sprinkled inside the dust compartment of your vacuum cleaner or on the carpet, you’re about to clean.

Sweet-Scented Herbs

Half a tablespoon of sweet-scented herbs like cinnamon in your vacuum cleaner’s dust compartment goes a long way, in terms of eliminating the dog, feet or socks like smell from your vacuum cleaner. You can also use them on your carpets, provided that the carpets are dark-colored. 

However, bear in mind that if you use dark-colored spices on brightly-colored carpets, there could be stains present after the vacuuming session.

Dry Orange Peels

You can also insert dry orange peels into your vacuum cleaner’s dust bag, via the junction attaching the bag to the vacuum cleaner. However, this method is most efficient when applying it to a newly bought dust bag.

Those who possess bugless vacuum cleaners can insert the dry orange peels into their vacuum cleaner’s filter chambers.

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Frequent cleaning of your vacuum bag, hose and usage of some deodorants or air fresheners will help you in solving the trouble.

The above-mentioned steps will help you free your vacuum cleaner from smelling like a dog, socks, feet or from bad odors.

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