How To Store Dyson Attachments?

Vacuums are a great help in daily households. We agree to that but when it comes to storing and organizing the equipment, accessories and the other removable attachments of a Dyson vacuum cleaner it can be totally frustrating, right? If you are reading this article we want to assure you that you are not the only one looking for the solution on how to store the Dyson attachments. 

How you should store your Dyson attachments really depends on your usage frequency of the equipment.

There could be two options for storing your vacuum cleaner mainly depending on the usage. 

If you aren’t using it frequently then collect all your accessories and detach them and put them in a bag. You can store it in a broom closet, dustbin, shoe rack or under the sink. 

In another situation if you need a Dyson for your daily usage then a wall mounted dock for organizing your Dyson might be a great treat. 

Where to Store Dyson Attachments in your Apartment?

The design and kind of vacuum cleaner plays an important role in deciding where you can store the vacuum attachments.

The lean design of the Dyson makes it a bit tough to store it in a closet, under the bed or under a sink. Best fix to do this is using a wall mounted dock storage system. For the apartment living room can be a good idea. 

If you are using it for your car cleaning then the garage would be a perfect fit. See, like I said the type and usage decide better where to sore the vacuum and its attachments.

How To Store The Dyson Attachments

Where to Install the Organizer

Well, it basically depends on your choice of living style. If you want to see your daily usage stuff right in front of you without having the need to go anywhere far. Then the best place to mount this organizer rack is on the main wall of your living room, of course in the corner. 

If you are one of those people who do not want to display such stuff on the main walls of the house, aesthetically speaking, then you should mount this rack on the wall of any side room to reduce its visibility. 

Basically, the storage of the vacuum depends on the following factors

Usage Frequency

If you are a social person then you must be having guests visiting your place more often. This will be necessary for you to store your Dyson in an accessible range. In such a case storing it in a bag won’t be a good idea. 

Size of vacuum

If you are using a canister vacuum then you might not be able to store it under a bed. Or in case of an upright vacuum it would be hard to store it under a sink. But if you are using a cordless Dyson vacuum, due to its lean design it can be stored under the bed or in a closet. 

But we are going to make you follow the latest trends and you can not think less of a wall mounted organizer. 

Don’t rush to buy accessories. Relax and check what you really need. 

Where To Install the Dyson Organizer

What’s in the Box

When you buy a new Dyson, get yourself familiar with what’s inside the box beside the main machine. You might be getting a charging dock station with a few of the models of Dyson.

Take a thorough look and then decide as per your needs what rack you are going to be needing to store your accessories. Always know your needs before you make a purchase. If you are interested in knowing how to install Dyson vacuum to the wall, here it is.

Aftermarket manufacturer dock storage

Once you know that your Dyson comes with a Dyson cleaner, accessories and a chagrin dock station you should consider after-market accessories options to address you storage needs.

Aftermarket manufacturers studied that there’s a pressing need to store the Dyson equipment in a place to save it from any potential damages. 

They have developed an extension organizer that fits in the primary charging dock and then you can load that with all your accessories. Such extensions work best for Dyson V8, V10 and V11.

Here is a Youtube short with the idea of helping you where and how to mount this rack for most practicable usage.

Why not Store a Dyson in a Bag?

You should not store your Dyson in a bag. The working mechanism demands that air should pass through the cleaner. Even if you don’t have frequent use but you want to store it somewhere safe, use the wall-mounted storage. 

Final Words

Vacuum users do have great options when it comes to proper storage of the Dyson attachments as discussed above. Aftermarket accessories are well crafted and carefully designed considering the needs of space saving and equipment protection. We truly support the idea of going for such available racks depending on your vacuum usage. Sincerely hoping that this writeup has helped you in finding a fix for your storage problem, we are inviting you to give your feedback.

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