Dyson v11 Animal Filter Light Flashing

Do you find the flashing light on your Dyson V11 animal filter annoying?

Want to know why it continues flashing?

Well, there seems to be a trouble with your Dyson vacuum cleaner if your Dyson V11 Animal is flashing while you’re cleaning. I’ve done research on all potential causes of the Dyson light flashing as well as DIY fixes for this issue.

So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into this article.

A Word About Dyson V11 Animal

Dyson being one of the most trusted vacuum manufacturers proudly own their V11 Animal model. This machine is greatly loved by the pet keepers because of its portability and efficiency. Thanks to its six-stage filtration system and excellent in-line design. Despite the hand unit’s appearance of fragility and brittleness, it is built of strong injection-molded plastic. It is different from other vacuum cleaners because of its 70 cm-long plastic suction tube. The Dyson V11 Animal also boasts a more user-friendly indication system that uses icons or a LCD screen to communicate issues.

When this daily use machines gets faulty, life can be miserable, especially for pet owners. Let’s find out more about it.

Why is the Dyson v11 Light Flashing?

Your Dyson vacuum cleaner might be flashing light for a number of reasons. Like in all other machines , LCD on your vacuum is designed to let you know when there is a problem in the vacuum cleaner. If the filter light or filter indication on your Dyson vacuum is flashing, it most likely implies that the filter is not correctly placed or is filthy enough to be used further.

Dyson v11 Animal Filter Flashing Light

Reasons for Dyson V11 Animal Flashing Light:

While you are cleaning if the blue light flashes, you should immediately stop using it and look for the problem. Many a time, the issue is a clog in your Dyson vacuum cleaner or dirty filters that need to be cleaned. Additionally, listed below are the other possible causes:

  • Dyson attachments are not connected properly.
  • The Dyson filters may be clogged.
  • The Dyson battery is nearly dead.
  • Blockage in the Dyson motor filter.
  • Dyson filter is not properly dried.
  • Dyson needs new filters.

Here’s What to do if the Light Begins to Flash:

It’s crucial to ensure the light stops flashing. Naturally, we want to stay away from using a Dyson vacuum that isn’t sucking or one that emits more dust than usual when we vacuum. So let’s examine each issue and how you may fix it to stop the Dyson V11 Animal from flashing.

Dyson Attachments are not Connected Properly:

When the filter unit is improperly installed, the filter indicator will blink frequently. So as a thumb rule whenever there is a light blinking always check for the attachments if they are properly connected. Sometimes there is dust on the attachments which are not letting the attachments tight properly. Do check that, if the light was blinking due to this issue, it should be turned by now. Remember to turn the attachments clockwise to tighten them. 

The Dyson Filter Clogged; Light Flashing

Dyson Light also starts blinking when there is a obstruction of some kind in the airways. The durability of a vacuum cleaner may be significantly reduced when its is clogged and one keeps using it, as there is undue load on the motor plus your machine is not vacuuming either. This issue needs to be resolved right away so that the vacuum resumes its normal operation and the LED also stops flashing.

Dyson v11 Light Flashing


Try thoroughly cleaning it first and check if its reusable or not before you jump to purchasing it. If the filter is no more usable, and you have made your mind to buy a new one. Here are some good offers on these filters. However, you may also clean the filter by turning on the cold water faucet. Prior to using it again, you should leave it a for a minimum of 24 hours to dry, as recommended by Dyson. A moist filter will obviously not function, it will further worsen the problem.

Dyson Battery is Nearly Dead:

Your Dyson V11 animal’s flashing light may be dying battery. Dysons require charging because they run on batteries, if you are a regular user this point may look a bit odd to you but for those who are new to to cordless vacuum cleaners this one is going to be a savior. 

Blockage in Dyson Motor Filter:

A hidden obstruction in the motor filter is another potential source of the Dyson V11 animal flashing light. You need to disassemble the equipment to take a peep inside for any obstruction. Take a breath and you can do it yourself, you don’t really need to seek any specialized help for this. Here is a video to help you in how you can open the vacuum for general maintenance and cleaning.


To check for blockages in the motor filter, perform the actions listed below.

  • Take the Dyson vacuum cleaner’s full dust canister out.
  • Remove the screws holding the motor filter in place.
  • Take off the motor filter and rinse it properly it with cold water.
  • Reassemble the filter as well as the Dyson.

If after thorough wash the light still continues to blink then this is the sign to change the filter. 

Here’s how to stop the Dyson V11 animal filter from flashing lights in the future:

You should routinely clean your Dyson with proper washing and timely change of filters when needed. Don’t fill the dust canister to its maximum capacity as it puts useless load on the machine which you don’t really want. Its a good idea to use this Dyson V11 for the recommended surfaces by Dyson. If blockage doesn’t seem to be a reason, you might want to consider reading this.


We really hope our guidance was useful to you and that the light is no longer flashing light on your Dyson vacuum V11.  As a general care routine it is recommended to wash the filter after every 2 weeks, of course it depends on the usage, we are considering the regular household usage. If the vacuum is kept well maintained chances are that you are not going get troubles like these. 

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