Dyson DC Series 07, 25, 33, 41, 50 Brush Bar Not Spinning/Working

Did you know? The first vacuum cleaner of Dyson, created by James Dyson, was initially sold in Japan. Being perfect at what it was meant to do, the vacuum cleaner instantly became a hit, selling at $2,000 per unit.

Dyson is one of the biggest brands in the vacuum industry, guaranteeing deep cleaning and efficiency.

Apart from its glory, many Dyson DC series such as 07, 25, 33, 41, and 50, face an issue with the brush bar. This leads to the brush bar not spinning or working.

If the problem mentioned above is the same as yours, continue reading below to find out all the possible solutions for your Dyson model.

Dyson dc brush bar not spinnig

Dyson DC07 – Brush Roll/Bar not Spinning

If your Dyson DC07’s brush bar is not spinning, then firstly, you’ll have to identify the model. Typically, your Dyson comes in two models, one is with a clutch, while one is without.

Snapped Belt

 If the model which you possess has a clutch, then it should be labeled as an “animal”, an “absolute”, an “allergy”, a “multi floor”, or an “all floor”.

The main purpose of a clutch is to prevent the breakage of belts present in your Dyson DC 07. However, if the brush bar is not working, then you should check the drive belt, the belt has likely broken.

To troubleshoot this issue, you’ll have to replace the belt. The “clutch-belt set” can be purchased from your nearest authorized dealers, or online platforms as well, such as Amazon.

Jammed Brush Bar 

Another reason for your current issue may be dust, debris, or allergens. If your Dyson 07 isn’t properly maintained, then there are chances of dust getting stuck to your brush bar.

To fix this, you’ll have to remove the brush bar from its compartment and clear out any dust particles found, along with hair entanglements. 

You can also take your Dyson DC 07 to your nearest electrical store for complete maintenance.

Brush Bar ON/OFF Button

Your Dyson DC07 is equipped with a button that turns your brush roll on and off.

Some users reported being unaware of the function of this button, and by pressing it, the problem went away.

Dyson DC25, DC33, DC41, and DC50 – Brush Bar Not Spinning

Your Dyson DC25, DC33, DC41, and DC50 can face the same issue as the DC07 due to several possibilities. Following are some of the reasons, along with ways to troubleshoot this problem:

Safety Mechanism

Your Dyson is equipped with a safety mechanism that can shut down the brush bar if there is dust buildup or hair entanglement present.

To fix this problem, you’ll have to disassemble your Dyson DC vacuum cleaner, after which, thorough cleaning of the brush bar is required, to eliminate the dust buildup or hair entanglements.

After following the steps above, you’ll have to reset the cleaner, and you’re good to go!

Upright Position

In some cases, the problem may not be technical but related to the placement of your vacuum cleaner.

Dyson DC25 models’ brush roll never works, if it’s placed in an upright position.

Cleaning Height 

Dyson models from DC25s to Dyson DC50s are designed to work at a particular height, for certain surfaces. So, if you haven’t adjusted your Dyson DC25, Dyson DC33, DC41, or DC50 according to the height which your surface requires, then the brush bar will not work properly.

To get rid of this issue, you’ll have to readjust your vacuum cleaner according to the specific height that the surface you’re cleaning requires.

Dyson DC25, DC33, DC41, and DC50 – Overheating

Occasionally, due to dust, debris, or allergens, your Dyson vacuum cleaner may get overheated, as the dust particles create buildup which doesn’t allow ideal airflow.

why my dyson is overheating

The below-mentioned steps provide a remedy for this issue, for the following Dyson DC models:

  • Dyson DC14
  • Dyson DC24
  • Dyson DC25
  • Dyson DC33
  • Dyson DC41
  • Dyson DC50

However, if your Dyson model didn’t make it to the above list, you can still follow the steps and see where they lead you.

Steps to Overcome Overheat

  • Initially, you’ll have to cut the power off from your Dyson vacuum cleaner. To do so, you’ll have to turn the vacuum cleaner off and unplug the power cable from the power outlet.
  • After doing so, you’ll have to place your Dyson DC model into an upright position.
  • After that, you’ll have to disconnect the want from the suction hose. You’ll find a “Detach” button at the base of the wand. This “Detach” button is red, for almost all the Dyson models.
  • You can use a flashlight and look through the wand to see if there is any blockage or dust buildup present. If there are any obstructions present, you can use a rod to eliminate them. If you don’t currently possess a rod, you can bend a metal coat hanger straight, and voila! You have a DIY rod-like material!
  • Now, coming to the suction hose, you can find a “Detach” button for that too. This time, on the base of your vacuum cleaner, where the hose links to the unit. Click it, and the hose will pop right out!
  • The steps to check dust buildup for the suction hose are similar to the ones for the wand. In case of any dust buildup, you can eliminate them using a rod, or the DIY straight-bent hanger. 

Why Is Your Dyson DC’s Brush Bar not Spinning? – Top 3 Reasons & Fixes

Before providing you with a workaround for this problem, here are the top 3 reasons why your Dyson brush is not working:

Dirty Brush Bar

Your Dyson vacuum cleaner comes with a brush bar that is mainly composed of a circulating bar or head, having bristles on it. 

This composition plays a vital role in effectively clearing out any first, debris, or microscopic particles present on the surface, after that, the strong suction of your Dyson vacuum cleaner does the rest. That is a collection of dirt particles.

However, some macroscopic dirt particles such as hairs come into contact with your Dyson’s brush bar, getting tangled with the bristles. This disables your brush bar to spin or work efficiently, hence, decreasing the amount of dirt being cleaned, and also, the suction.

Dirty Brush Bar – Fix 

If hairs or pet furs have gotten entangled with your Dyson’s brush bar, then the only logical way to go about this is to clean the brush bar and eliminate the entanglement created around the bristles. 

To do this efficiently, you’ll have to open the compartment where your vacuum cleaner’s brush bar is located. From there, you’ll have to pull out the brush bar to thoroughly clean and manage the entanglements which were previously created. 

Thicker entanglements can be effectively removed by using a pair of scissors, but it should be done carefully to avoid any damage to the bristles.

 However, if the entanglements aren’t too thick, then you can simply remove them by hand.

Do bear in mind that along with the entanglements, you’ll also have to remove any extra material attached to the bristles.

How to Clean dirty brush bar

Clogged Wand or Bin Inlet

The task of dirt agitation depends on your Dyson’s brush bar, but from there, it has to travel into the long tube (also known as a wand) into the bin inlet, and from there, into the bin inlet for the collection of dirt.

However, this simple task can get quite hectic, in case of a buildup. The passage of dirt almost always creates a build-up, and a buildup, in this case, would result in the low suction power of your vacuum cleaner.

Low suction power doesn’t allow your vacuum cleaner’s brush bar to work efficiently and clear out all the dirt, debris, or microscopic particles from the ground or surface.

Blocked Wand or Bin Inlet – Fix

To clear out any buildup formed, you will first have to separate your Dyson’s wand from the bin inlet and the cleaning head.

From there, use a flashlight to help you identify the exact location of the build-up or any other blockages. After the identification, thoroughly clear out the dust build-up, be sure to clear out all the dust particles from both ends of the wand, to allow air to flow easily.

Stuck Transmission Rod 

A motor is responsible for spinning the brush bar of your Dyson vacuum. This motor has the potential to transfer its energy into the brush bar with the help of a transmission rod. 

Due to dust, debris, and allergens, this transmission rod’s ability is affected, due to which, your vacuum cleaner’s brush bar doesn’t spin as it should. Commonly, hairs or pet furs can get stuck with the transmission rod as well, reducing its ability to make the brush bar work.

Stuck Transmission Rod – Fix 

Firstly, you’ll need a Torx screwdriver, since the transmission rod is fixed in its place via a Torx screw.

Once you have completed this requirement, you’ll then have to take the transmission rod out and thoroughly clear out all the dust and debris, along with any hair entanglements present on the transmission rod.


The above-mentioned steps will act as a remedy for you in case your Dyson DC series 07, 25, 33, 41, and 50’s brush bar is not spinning.

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