Dyson Ball Not Rolling Smoothly – What to do? | 8 Solutions

Let us all agree, that Dyson vacuums have been a relief when it comes to the cleaning department. But it can be frustrating if its parts start malfunctioning like its ball stop rolling smoothly.

From cleaning massive stuffings to even the tiniest obstacles in the corners, Dyson manages to do it all.

As easy as they have made cleaning for us, certain mishaps start to occur in Dyson vacuums commonly, if they’re not looked after regularly.

One of them is related to the balls of the Dyson vacuums that fail to roll smoothly. This can happen due to various reasons.

Dyson Vacuums – Ball not Rolling Fix

In this article, I’ll be going through some of the possible reasons that justify why the ball on your Dyson vacuum isn’t rotating smoothly and how you’ll be able to troubleshoot.

dyson not rolling smoothly

Damaged Ball Shell

In some cases, the ball shell of the vacuum may be damaged which may lead to this issue. 

Repair is the only logical and possible solution for this and regular maintenance for the prevention of such irregularities is encouraged.

Displaced Filter

Another common reason for this problem is the displacement of the filter located in the ball.

To solve this, check the filter and apply the necessary changes (if the filter is out of place).

Applying Timely Maintenance

This is a common habit, vacuums are used commonly but aren’t maintained. Maybe that’s the case why the ball isn’t rolling smoothly on your Dyson as well.

Due to the heavy input of particles and whatnot, the bin tends to get overused.

This in turn damages the filter present inside the ball, if not treated or maintained.

Therefore, the bin should be regularly emptied to prevent the filter from being damaged. Regular maintenance is also encouraged.


If you use your Dyson vacuum cleaner frequently, then surely there will be dust and debris coming at it from all sides. This debris also gets trapped inside your vacuum.

And this trapped dust makes it difficult to roll Dyson cleaner on the carpet or some other shaggy surfaces.

If it’s not cleaned regularly, the amount of debris trapped inside the ball increases and upon overload, the ball becomes damaged.

To avoid this problem, regular cleaning is encouraged along with proper maintenance from time to time.

Overheated Vacuum

In some cases, overheating can be a cause of your problem. This occurs mainly when your Dyson vacuum’s filters become blocked due to debris wrapped around it.

The wrapped debris prevents your roller from spinning, eventually making your vacuum overheat. 

The newer model of vacuum cleaners also comes with a thermal mechanism that shuts down your vacuum’s motor if it starts to sense overheating. If your vacuum’s filters are blocked, then due to overheating, your vacuum’s motor will shut down.

To prevent this from happening, you’ll need to clean your vacuum’s dust bag, after which you’ll have to either clean your Dyson’s filters or replace them with new ones.

Cleansing the Ball

Another reason why your Dyson’s ball isn’t rolling smoothly is that its ball may be clogged due to dust or debris.

To troubleshoot this problem, you’ll have to clean your Dyson’s ball along with its surfaces.

Blocked Ventilation

If your Dyson’s ball doesn’t roll smoothly or in worst cases, stops moving, then the likely issue here is your filter. 

When your vacuum cleaner’s filters become filled, then they act as a barricade, blocking your Dyson’s ventilation system.

To encounter this problem, you’ll have to take out your vacuum cleaner’s filter, after which you’ll have to thoroughly clean it and let it dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

Damaged Components

If your vacuum cleaner’s components are damaged, or if there’s a crack in them, then your Dyson vacuum cleaner will face trouble rolling its ball smoothly.

However, to confirm if this is the main cause, you’ll have to thoroughly inspect the areas around your vacuum cleaner’s ball as you try to spin it. 

Also, look for any debris around the areas of your vacuum cleaner’s ball, as debris is also a huge contributor in this regard.

The logical solution, in case of any cracks or damaged components, would be to take your vacuum cleaner to a service center for maintenance, along with repair of the damaged parts.

Best Possible Solution?

We’ve looked at all the possible reasons for your problem, and it leads to only one justifiable solution which is: maintenance.

As long as you’re properly cleaning your vacuum and maintaining it, debris is unlikely to be formed. Therefore, allowing your vacuum’s filter to perform as per standards.

Another reason to regularly maintain your vacuum is the money you’ll save. If you’re not maintaining your vacuum, the filtration is likely to be damaged.

That’ll lead you to spend a lot of money on buying a new filter when you could’ve maintained the prior, one and used it for another 3-4 years.

With maintenance, you should also keep an eye out for any damaged parts on your vacuum cleaner. 


When your Dyson’s ball doesn’t roll smoothly, it’s due to many factors which are mainly tackled by timely maintenance.

If maintenance is not given enough attention, then debris starts to form which causes your vacuum’s filters to perform inefficiently.

In some cases, it may lead to overheating and other irregularities.

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