Why is My Vacuum Spitting Dirt & Stuff Back Out? | Reasons Explained

Vacuum cleaners like all other machines are sensitive inside and need to be treated with care. If not handled well, there are chances that it might start malfunctioning. It has advanced technology nowadays, but sometimes these cleaners start spitting dirt and stuff back out instead of sucking it in. 

Expert companies have tried to solve this inbuilt issue by pinpointing the actual cause behind it. This article will throw light on the root causes and solutions to fix this issue.

Why is my Vacuum Spitting Stuff back out? What are the Reasons?

Recently my vacuum cleaner started malfunctioning suddenly. Like many other vacuum cleaners, it was spitting dirt and debris out of the machine.

I tried different methods after probing through the internet and finally, I found the culprit and got my vacuum cleaner fixed.

So, here I will share with you the reasons & solutions for a malfunctioning vacuum cleaner that isn’t responding well and throwing stuff out.

why my vacuum is spitting dirt and stuff back out

The Vacuum is Clogged

The first thing which comes to mind when the vacuum cleaner starts spitting out dust and debris is that it is clogged somewhere inside.

This is the most common cause of the problem faced by most users. For resolving the issue by yourself you need to check the canister of the vacuum and if it is clogged then unclog the vacuum as soon as possible.

Make a habit to see the dust container before starting vacuuming.

If it is full, its suction would be affected, and the working of the motor will also be affected by overheating.

Clogging can be avoided before it actually happens by avoiding picking large materials from the floor like paper clips, small toys, coins, etc. 

Also, avoid picking by vacuum the wet objects, this will destroy the vacuum cleaner and instead of sucking air in, it will start spitting out dust. 

What to Do if the Vacuum is Clogged and it is Spitting Debris Out?

There are different types of vacuum clogging if it is throwing the dust out upon turning it on.

It could be hose clogging, vacuum head clogging, or clogging at the area where the hose meets the vacuum.

Following easy steps could be taken to unclog the vacuum and resolve the issue.

Step No. 1: First of all, turn off the vacuum and unplug it, to avoid any accident. 

Step No. 2: Identify the location of the clog.

  1. To check if the clog is in a hose, detach the vacuum hose and the vacuum. Hold the hose upside down and throw something in it to see if it passes through the hose or not. Always remember to throw something small like a coin so that it itself is not stuck in hose. If the coin passes the hose and falls on the floor, it means the hose is not clogged. If not, then the vacuum clogging place is a hose for sure.
  2. Check the vacuum head, turn it upside down, and inspect it visually.
  3. Wear gloves to see if the clogging is at the attachment site of hose and the vacuum. Poke with the finger and see if the area is clogged or not.

vacuum cleaner on the carpet

Step No.3: Unclog the clogged site

  1. To fix the issue of vacuum hose clogging, put one end of the detached hose into the dustbin, and push something inside the other end with some stick until you push all the debris material into the dustbin.
  2. To fix the issue of clogging in the vacuum head, flip the side to see inside. Put on gloves and through your fingers, push all the debris out, or use screwdriver for the same purpose. Discard the clogged material of the hose. Detach the brush head if you need to do it while unclogging. User Manual could be read for this purpose.
  3. To unclog the vacuum, use your fingers to check for clog, and pull out as much debris as you can to unclog. You can use a thin rod to pull out remainder dust if required. If the vacuum has a bag instead of a canister, detach the bag, see if any dirt is present in it and manually remove all dirt, or replace the bag. 

Step No. 4: Check the working of the Vacuum, whether it is spitting out debris or not.

Assemble the vacuum parts properly to see if it has started working or not. If the vacuum starts sucking air in again, then Congratulations, your problem is resolved, if it is not, then you need to take your vacuum to the repair shop.

Additional tips if the Vacuum is Clogged and Spitting Dirt Out

  1. Never do anything that risks your life as well as the life of the vacuum. If you are trying to detach something and put in place some part and it’s not going smoothly, leave it. Putting extra pressure on some vacuum parts will be harmful both for you and the vacuum.
  2. If the vacuum is seven to eight years old, don’t waste time and money on repairing it, if it is not getting fixed at home.  
  3. Always check for debris or any important item it has sucked while cleaning your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why my Dirt Devil Vacuum Spitting out Dirt?

Some vacuum brands like dirt devil exhibit the problem of spitting out dirt more frequently.

This may be due to clogging of filter bags or clogging in the canister or bag is full of dirt hence clogging the whole machine.

To eradicate this problem, clean the filters and remove any type of clogging you notice in the vacuum cleaner.

You’ll be good to go. If not, then call the company for additional information and help.

Are HEPA filters good to use in case of clogging?

HEPA filters like any other filter can get clogged frequently. All you need to do is to clean the vacuums on regular basis, and more frequently if your house has pets or children. 

Conclusion- A Summary

Vacuum cleaners are delicate machines and they last for a longer duration if handled with care and cleaned at regular intervals.

There are various reasons why the vacuum starts spitting the dust out instead of sucking it in.

We have seen above clogging is the major cause and it could be filters that are clogging, hose clogging, vacuum head clogging, or clogging in the vacuum itself.

If you have tried all the steps explained above and still your vacuum cleaner is spitting stuff back out then you have to call the company or take your vacuum to the nearest repair shop.

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