Roomba Battery Dies Before Docking: Quick Troubleshoot

Roomba Battery Dies Before Docking

Roomba, the robotic marvel designed to make your life easier, sometimes falls short of its promise. If you’ve ever encountered the issue of Roomba battery dies before docking, you’re not alone. It’s an irksome problem that can disrupt your cleaning routine and leave your floors less clean than you’d like. But that’s not the only … Read more

Roomba I7 Hardware Problem Detected

Roomba I7 Hardware Problem Detected

Hey there! If you’re a proud owner of the Roomba i7, you probably know just how amazing this little robotic vacuum can be. Although it’s a game changer for many households. However, there’s a hiccup in this robotic wonderland: the real frustration comes when it says Roomba i7 hardware problem detected. In this article, we’re … Read more

Why Do Robot Vacuums Not Work On Dark Floors?

why do robot vacuums not work on dark floors?

Why do robot vacuums not work on dark floors? Although we know robot vacuums are equipped with a combination of sensors, cameras, and infrared technology to clean the designated area in a house. One common issue with dark floors is that they can absorb or reflect infrared light, which may interfere with the robot vacuum’s … Read more