Tineco iFloor 2 Not Spraying Water

Tineco iFloor 2 Not Spraying Water

Tineco iFloor 2 is one of your best options when it comes to cordless wet-dry vacuum cleaners. The device has multiple uses, with long-lasting battery life and a 3-in-1 cleaning tool being one of them. However, many users reported that Tineco iFloor 2 is not spraying water. You may be suffering from this problem too! … Read more

Accidentally Vacuumed Water With Dyson – How To Fix It?

Accidentally vacuumed water with Dyson

It’s a common issue that users accidentally vacuum water with their Dyson. Though this issue may be fixable, depending on how much water the vacuum sucks, people end up panicking like crazy! Generally, you can fix your Dyson if a small amount of water has been sucked up. However, to do so, you’ll have to … Read more

Can Vacuum Suck Up Wet Leaves?

Wet leaves are the most irritating objects to clean after your yard goes through a shower session! But typical lawn vacuums aren’t designed to do that job for you. So, you might wonder whether you can use a leaf vacuum on wet leaves. Well, you may or may not be able to use a leaf … Read more

8 Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Chart [June 2023] | Tested & Reviewed

Canister vacuum cleaner comparison chart: Buying guide

From carpets to various floor types— canister vacuum cleaners always win! The canister vacuum cleaners are popular among users because of their efficient high-suctioned cleaning ability, maneuverability, and comfort. One can get easily confused about which vacuum brand & model to choose for their cleaning needs. Don’t panic, this article features a comprehensive “canister vacuum … Read more

Are All Shop Vacs Wet and Dry?

Are all shop vacs wet and dry?

You’ve gone to the store to buy a brand-new Shop Vac for your household. But there’s an issue – you’re a newbie in this department. So, how will you differentiate between Shop Vacs and their types? Are all Shop Vacs wet and dry? Let’s find out below. Shop Vacs, or wet-dry vacuums, are vacuum cleaners … Read more