Dyson Ball Not Rolling Smoothly – What to do? | 8 Solutions

dyson not rolling smoothly

Let us all agree, that Dyson vacuums have been a relief when it comes to the cleaning department. But it can be frustrating if its parts start malfunctioning like its ball stop rolling smoothly. From cleaning massive stuffings to even the tiniest obstacles in the corners, Dyson manages to do it all. As easy as … Read more

Why my Dyson Vacuum is Hard to Push on Carpet | 8 Solutions

dyson vacuum is hard to push on carpet

Dyson vacuum cleaners are known for their best quality due to its user friendliness and larger warranty. It comes with number of models from cordless vacuums to handheld vacuum cleaners. The brand is great for picking dust particles as well as hair from your whole home.   Although Dyson Vacuums are phenomenal to use but it … Read more