Why my Kirby Vacuum Won’t Power ON? | Reasons

After seeing your guests off after a house party, the first thing you might be looking to do is house cleaning. I can relate, it’s frustrating when you are all buckled up and your vacuum starts acting up. Like any other machine, Kirby Vacuum power is also prone to failure.

Here is a guide where we will address the complaint that “Why Kirby vacuum won’t power on? “. If your problem is pertinent to the power button, that has been discussed in Detail Here. 

Why Kirby Vacuum Isn’t Powering ON

As a well-known manufacturer of high-quality, long-lasting vacuum cleaners, Kirby has a solid reputation in the industry. However, problems will develop with the Kirby vacuum just like they would with any other home appliance.

The following are the typical issues that need to be fixed when your Kirby vacuum ceases to function or won’t turn on.

How to turn Kirby Vacuum Power on

Safety switches

The safety switches are most likely to be blamed for your Kirby’s malfunction if it won’t switch on. Each of these switches, which are there for various purposes, can prevent the activation of your Kirby.

Prevention Safety Switch

There are two components on the safety switch that prevent the vacuum cleaner from staying on. These switches make sure that no one is hurt if they try to turn on the vacuum when the rod, fans, or motor is exposed and that dust and filth don’t ascend into the air. 

You must press the switches in order for the vacuum cleaner to operate.

The Bag Safety Switch

You can discover a tiny switch somewhere close to the vacuum’s bag. This switch is moved forward once the bag is securely fastened. The Kirby won’t turn on if the bag is not correctly linked to the vacuum or if you have removed the bag.


Assure that the bag is correctly locked to avoid coming into this issue. 

Safety Switch on the Front

A lower/upper switch may be found on Kirby’s front side. These switches prevent the Kirby from turning on if the vacuum cleaner’s hose or nozzles are not connected.


Make sure the vacuum cleaner’s hose or nozzles are tight enough because when they are, they activate the switches. 

Examine Kirby’s power cord

After checking all of the safety switches of Kirby now try powering on your vacuum. If it’s faulty, you should check the power cable.

Issues with the power cord

The vacuum cleaner’s power cord is put under a lot of strain, which could damage it and cause the power source to completely fail. The following are typical causes of damage to a power rode.

  • Cord stretching
  • Split cord
  • Chewed cord
  • Twisted cord 


  •  First, inspect the damaged region.
  •  If the cord has surface damage, only tape it.
  • You have two options for fixing the cord: you either cut it and use a new plug, or you can intertwine the wires.
  •  Replace the electrical plug if it has a fault.

Faulty motor

How to fix Kirby Faulty motor?


Kirby must have a defective motor if it is still not starting. Your Kirby’s motor could stop working for one of the following three reasons:

The on/off switch

The on/off switch is the first thing that can stop your vacuum from operating. The vacuum’s on/off switch has to be tested using a multimeter. You should immediately replace the power switch if it is reason for malfunction of your vacuum cleaner. 

Vacuum’s drive motor

If the power switch proves to be functional, the vacuum’s drive motor should be your next check. It is necessary to replace the motor if the blow wheel doesn’t appears to be operating properly. You should seek the assistance of a specialist to change the motor.   

The fan motors

The vacuum’s fan motor may be the problem if both switch and the motor operate without any issues. If your fan motor is damaged, your vacuum suction may become less or may not function at all. In this situation, you should have the vacuum repaired or have its components changed. 


If you use Kirby vacuum cleaners frequently and fail to maintain them as needed, they may stop working, and you might not be able to turn it ON again.

We hope the article above, which covered all the typical issues, will assist you in fixing your vacuum. Make sure you keep your vacuum in good working order.

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