What to Keep in Mind before Buying a Used Kirby?

Kirby has been around for quite some time now. With time, the company has only gotten better – giving durable and efficient products. However, with the rise in technology, Kirby vacuum cleaners are only getting more expensive. That’s where old or used vacuum cleaners come in. But are old Kirby vacuum cleaners worth anything?

Well, they can surely give you a run for your money. A remarkable fact about Kirby vacuums states that the electronic device can last as long as 36 years! However, you’ll face quite some issues while purchasing an old one. 

Let’s dig deep into these problems in the article below!

Fan Creates Noise in The Vacuum

The fan is an essential component of every electronic device. As these devices age, so does their fan – due to dust build-up or just because they’ve completed their life span.

The same is the case with old Kirby vacuums. You’re likely to hear loud unwanted noises from the vacuum cleaner due to the inefficient working of the fan present inside.

In such cases, you’ll have to replace the antique fan of your old Kirby vacuum cleaner with a new one. This will not only eliminate unwanted noises but will also play a huge role in preventing overheat.

Are old kirby vacuum cleaners worth anything?

Dirty Vacuum

This will probably be your first problem when purchasing an old Kirby vacuum cleaner. If you’re a cleaning freak (which you might be since you’re buying a vacuum cleaner), then you can do two things about this problem:

  • Try to locate an old set of Kirby vacuums that’s somewhat cleaned 
  • If you can’t find one, bear the cleaning job

But don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Here is an efficient step-by-step guide to quickly cleaning your vacuum cleaner:

  • Purchase a metal polish 
  • Pour it on the dirty areas of your vacuum 
  • Rub hard
  • Use a delicate dry cloth to wipe off the polish and dirt

The Vacuum Isn’t Picking Up Dirt

One of the most frustrating problems you might face with an old Kirby vacuum cleaner is that it won’t pick up dust or dirt. 

This problem can have numerous causes that may be either minor or major. 

Let’s talk about the minor ones first. Well, some users don’t adjust their vacuum’s height properly. Due to this, the vacuum cleaner falls prey to a significant decrease in suction power.

However, if that’s not the case with you, your vacuum might have a damaged belt, preventing the brush rolls from spinning. In that case, you’ll have to replace your vacuum’s old belt with a brand-new one

You can check the used vacuum cleaners on Amazon.

Insufficient Foam Production From The Shampooing System

The shampoo system on your Kirby vacuums is a handy tool. However, if you’re using an old Kirby vacuum, you might encounter this issue.

You see, the shampooing system on your Kirby vacuum contains a filter. Sometimes, this filter gets loose while shampooing your carpets, causing the filter to travel into the vacuum’s hose. 

In such scenarios, you will have to replace the old, loose filter with a brand-new one.

How Much Is a Used Kirby Vacuum Worth?

The first Kirby model was unveiled in 1923 by James Kirby. Therefore, you can also expect some vintage Kirby models if you’re out to buy one.

Regarding vintage Kirby vacuums, the price can range from $100 to even $2,000. The price range depends on the model you want to buy and its current condition.

On sites like eBay, you can find tons of old Kirby vacuums that range from $50 to $500. It’s up to you which one you want to buy, but try to purchase a relatively newer model within your budget.

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Kirby vacuums are known for their performance and durability. This makes them a go-to option for people looking to buy old or used vacuum cleaners instead of new ones. However, since we’re talking about old and used Kirby vacuums, one may wonder whether old Kirby vacuums are worth anything.

They’ll give you a run for your money, but you’ll also face many issues. The article above shines a light on all these issues! Therefore, old Kirby vacuums are the way to go if you can meet a few problems.

In terms of their price range, you can get them around $50 to $500 on buy-and-sell sites like eBay. 

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