How To Fix Vacuum Cleaner Blowing Out Hot Air During Use?

No one can deny the fact that vacuum cleaners make our lives much easier and more organized. This true wonder of advanced science is no doubt a miraculous cleaning agent. Sadly, one can’t predict the unloyalty of machinery.

Like any other machine vacuum cleaners also come with huge perils along with their pearls. These include overheating or any other sort of dysfunction. A lot of people have reported their concern that hot air blowing out of their vacuum cleaners during use.

Vacuum Blowing Out Hot Air

In order to understand this concern, we will be analyzing its functioning. Through the detailed analysis, we will be able to understand this issue. Moreover, we would also be able to understand the severity of this issue.

How Vacuum Cleaner Works?

Vacuum cleaners work in a manner that when plugged in with an electric supply they let electrical energy pass through it. This energy is then converted to mechanical energy which helps in the suction process. Sucking dirt and particles is the main function of any vacuum cleaner.

When this dust is sucked in through suction pipes it disposes of the collected dirt in a disposing canister attached. During this process, some heat energy is also produced. This heat gets emitted through the pipes and one can feel concerned.

From its functioning principles, we analyze that the emission of heat from a vacuum cleaner is a totally normal thing. One must not get concerned about it. Usually, most electric appliances emit heat in any form. This is nothing else other than the conversion of energies that takes place during the process.

How Vacuum Cleaner Works?

Warm Air blows Out During Use, Should I Worry?

A little amount of heat that is not impacting the function of a vacuum cleaner is totally normal. However, if one observes an excess amount of heat emission or body of the machine heating it is a matter of concern.

Some customers complain that vacuum cleaner gets heated to such an extent that it becomes hard to even touch its body. At times hot smoke coming out of the vacuum pump is observed.  Moreover, a pungent and burning smell is also there.

After witnessing these critical symptoms, one must not panic but rather look for the company guide and try to figure out the core reasons. Some of the most common reasons that lead to excessive heating are discussed below.

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Unclog Vacuum Hose

Vacuums work on the principle of sucking particles. Sometimes it may happen that the dust particles get accumulated in the pipes. This may be due to not properly cleaning its canister and pipes. Cleaning out the clogged hose by detaching it and passing hot water through it while held in U-shaped will fix this issue.

Machine errors

Machines can never be totally reliable as they may disappoint you at any point. Sometimes there might be any manufacturing error that can be the cause of blowing out hot air from the cleaner during use. Secondly, at times there might exist any internal breakage. For this one must immediately consult service centers to prevent further losses.

Cleaning Vaccum Filter

Vacuums have inbuilt filters in them. These filters collect dirt particles. At times these filters get clogged which does not allow any more suction. A vacuum cleaner’s overheating with hot air blowing problem can cause the machine to malfunction and emitting of heat waves. To fix this issue one should get the proper service of a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum ON/OFF Switch Problem

Another observation shows when an inappropriate electric supply is provided to a vacuum it gets overheated. This error can be fixed by checking the energy supply.

Vacuum Cleaner Overheats And Cuts Out

Good companies manufacture great and modified units. They have the capability to perform in a way that if any error exists in them, they either auto shut themselves or show indicators like blowing out hot air. It is observed that usually when vacuum cleaners showed overheating or heat emission it means there might be an issue with its motor.

Upon following indicators user is advised to not further use a vacuum cleaner. This indicator will prevent your machinery from any big loss like burning out or short-circuiting. By following these preventive measures crucial issues like overheating will be resolved.


We all know machines are man-made and assembled units. Undoubtedly they help us with daily life chores. However, one can never trust machinery fully. We must adopt proper precautionary measures to prevent it from malfunctioning. Some precautions are explained below.

Vacuum Cleaner Repair Service

Vacuum Cleaner Should Be Properly Serviced Well On Time

Any vacuum cleaner owner should have a habit of getting it serviced from time to time. Service centers are facilitation centers that are bound for customer assistance. Regular service will help figure out any problem at its initial stage. It will help improve performance as well as the lifetime of the vacuum cleaners.

Dealing With Care

Any machinery should be dealt with with proper care. All set instructions must be followed properly. One must use a vacuum cleaner with great care and aptness. This will not only increase the life of the vacuum but clean it more effectively.

Regular cleaning

The ducts, canister, and pipes of the vacuum cleaners should be cleaned out regularly. This will prevent clogging as well as overheating issues.

If after following all the aforementioned precautions and guidance one fails to prevent their vacuum cleaner from blowing out hot air from inside, they must stop using it further.


This blog helped us understand the detailed analysis of the functioning of the vacuum cleaner. A big addressed issue of overheating has been correlated and studied through this analysis. We can evaluate that a vacuum cleaner is just like any other robotic machine.

Machines should be dealt with as per instructions and rules. This will help resolve and prevent issues like Vacuum Blowing Out Hot Air, overheating, and sometimes malfunctioning. Secondly, there might some other technical issues too, therefore a visit to service centers is encouraged.

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