Shark Steam Mop Clogged Vinegar- Easy Fix

Shark steam mops are a great addition to your cleaning arsenal since they can make your floors shine without chemicals. However, these appliances aren’t prone to problems and can encounter once in a while. The main issue we’re going to be discussing here is regarding the Shark steam mop’s clogging.

And if you can use vinegar as a cleaning agent or not.

Generally, steam mops are prone to clogging due to the presence of hard water. Obviously, these steam mops use water to create steam, so if the water quality’s not admirable it’s bound to damage your Shark steam mop.

If you’re one of those affectees by this issue, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll uncover the science behind clogging issues and ways to encounter them. Let’s begin!

Shark Steam Mop – Cause of Clogs and Blockages

Regarding steam mops, clogging is one of the most common issues users go through.

But who’s the main culprit behind it?

There’s a simple answer to this: the water you use!

You see, water quality is the main factor that ensures the efficiency of your Shark steam mop. Typically, hard water can damage your steam mop by creating clogs.

How does that happen?

Shark Steam Mop Clogged Vinegar

Well, hard water gives rise to limescale or mineral deposits. These minerals aren’t of harm to us. No, but when it comes to appliances, it can indeed create some huge damage.

So, hard water causes minerals to deposit inside your Shark steam mop’s cleaner head. 

 How To Unclog Shark Steam Mop?

Shark Steam Pads and Tank Systems

Generally, a solution of vinegar is recommended for such issues. We’re going to discuss that in a bit, so let’s dive onto our second solution to tackle this problem.

You see, for such problems – Shark comes prepared.

And, for all Shark steam mops out there, the company has provided easy-to-use head cleaning equipment. 

This equipment goes by the name of Shark Steam Pads and Tank Systems. In simple terms, this equipment contains a headgear or attachment that goes along your steam mop’s cleaner head to encounter clogging issues.

If you’re not familiar with this gear, don’t worry! Read on below to enlighten yourself on how you can use Shark Steam Pads and Tank Systems to clean your appliance:

  • Fill up your steam mop’s tank with water.
  • Attach the gear to your Shark steam mop’s head.
  • Carry on with the steaming job.

Here comes the tricky part!

When you’re done steaming, replace the old gear with a new one every time you start steaming. 

Home Remedies

We know the first solution might not be what you’re looking for. Also, not everyone can access de-mineralized or ‘pure’ water.

So, here’s a home-based solution you can try out!

  • Unplug your Shark steam mop from the power outlet and let it fully cool down. It’s vital to ensure that your mop’s cooled down completely to prevent burns or other accidents.
  • Once done, add a solution of 1 ½ ounces of baking soda and a gallon of distilled water.
  • Heat your Shark steam mop for around 2 hours, and repeat step number 1.
  • Empty the water from your appliance’s tank and reassemble it.

Using Wire to Unclog the Steamer Head

First, detach the steamer head and pass a firm piece of wire through the steamer head to quickly fix the clogging trouble. To make sure the blockades are removed, blow the air through the head nozzle if you can feel the air passing through it then its fixed.

Descale Steam Mop With Vinegar

If you’ve already browsed the internet regarding this issue, you’ll surely know that most sites suggest their users use a vinegar solution. 

If we talk specifically about Shark steam mops here, then the vinegar solution should not be your go-to. 

It’s stated so in the company’s user manual as well.

According to a Shark user manual:To prolong the life of your Steam Mop, we recommend using distilled water. Make sure you add only water to the tank. Chemicals or cleaning solutions (including vinegar) may damage the Steam Mop and could be unsafe for you and your family.”

Hence, the debate regarding the usage of vinegar solutions is solved here.

How to Prevent Clogging in Shark Steam Mops?

As discussed, hard water is the main culprit here. The best way to prevent clogging in Shark steam mops is to avoid using low-quality water.

But since everyone can’t afford to do that, we’ve compiled two tips for you that’ll help you preserve your appliance’s life and efficiency.

The tips are as follows:

  • Drain your Shark steam mop’s tank after each use. If hard water’s present inside your appliance’s tank all day long, it can lead to mineral deposition.   
  • If your Shark steam mop supports the ‘remove tank’ feature, you can leverage this and clean residual hard water with the help of a high-quality fabric/cloth.
  • Stay clear of using poor-quality clothes on your appliance since they can damage the tank and give rise to scratches.

Clogging is a common issue even in vacuum cleaners, fix it wisely.


Shark steam mops are a great tool to clean off the dirt from your household without using any chemicals or fancy add-ons. However, these steam mops become prone to clogging issues and whatnot due to hard water.

Typically, a vinegar solution is recommended for such issues, but the information we’ve published above negates that (with reason). You can use Shark Pads or other safe home remedies listed above to clean off the clogs built up inside your Shark steam mop.

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