Why Is My Vacuum Pump Smoking?| Solutions Explained

Why Is My Vacuum Pump Smoking?

Are you concerned that your vacuum pump is emitting smoke? Do you fear potential malfunctions smoking vacuum pumps may bring about? Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. The potential causes of your vacuum pump smoking are listed below in detail, along with instructions on how to fix it. Why is smoke coming out of my … Read more

Is It Worth Repairing A Vacuum Cleaner? Complete Guide

Is it Worth Repairing a Vacuum Cleaner?

Are you an avid user of vacuum cleaners? If so, then your relationship with your current vacuum cleaner can be described as the best friend you never had, so it’s hard to let it go. “Is it worth repairing a vacuum cleaner?” The answer to this question lies in a set of possibilities or options … Read more

Dyson Ball Not Rolling Smoothly – What to do? | 8 Solutions

dyson not rolling smoothly

Let us all agree, that Dyson vacuums have been a relief when it comes to the cleaning department. But it can be frustrating if its parts start malfunctioning like its ball stop rolling smoothly. From cleaning massive stuffings to even the tiniest obstacles in the corners, Dyson manages to do it all. As easy as … Read more

Why is My Vacuum Spitting Dirt & Stuff Back Out? | Reasons Explained

why my vacuum is spitting dirt and stuff back out

Vacuum cleaners like all other machines are sensitive inside and need to be treated with care. If not handled well, there are chances that it might start malfunctioning. It has advanced technology nowadays, but sometimes these cleaners start spitting dirt and stuff back out instead of sucking it in.  Expert companies have tried to solve … Read more

Why my Dyson Vacuum is Hard to Push on Carpet | 8 Solutions

dyson vacuum is hard to push on carpet

Dyson vacuum cleaners are known for their best quality due to its user friendliness and larger warranty. It comes with number of models from cordless vacuums to handheld vacuum cleaners. The brand is great for picking dust particles as well as hair from your whole home.   Although Dyson Vacuums are phenomenal to use but it … Read more

Why Shark Navigator Blowing Air Out the Side? Troubleshooting & Solutions

shark navigator blowing air outside

Vacuum cleaners are known for sucking dust and air inside, dirt particles are also trapped with the dust. Vacuum cleaners are used for many years across the globe for cleaning purposes. But what if your Shark Navigator, instead of sucking air in, starts blowing air outside the vacuums? Then there is certainly wrong something with … Read more

Why Shark Vacuum Roller Brush Starts Then Stops | Complete Guide

shark vacuum roller starts then stops

Shark vacuum has got a name in the market. But like other cleaners, this also lags in performance sometimes. It’s not that product is not good enough but it’s much depending on how we use the cleaner. Dust is usually the main reason which causes its roller brush to get jammed and that’s why after … Read more

Neato Laser Just Started & Not Spinning | 3 Guaranteed Solutions

neato laser not spinning

Neato Laser is indeed a great invention but it is also frustrating when it shows such glitches like it beeps green light on and doesn’t start or just starts but not spins. Neato Laser Smart technology is a high-end robot cleaning vacuum machine that automatically navigates, maps, and cleans the house. Its D-shape is specifically … Read more