Intex Pool Vacuum Pump Not Suctioning Enough? Here’s What To Do

To maintain a clean, safe environment, swimming pools require moving water. If not, bacteria and pests will congregate in your swimming pool. The best vacuum for this use is an Intex pool vacuum. However, if your Intex pool pump isn’t sucking, your pool will become stagnant, and you’ll be in trouble.

In order to resolve this issue as soon as possible, the article discusses the potential repair for the suctioning issue with the Intex pool vacuum.

Purpose of Intex pool vacuum

Leading company Intex is renowned for producing high-quality products. The company’s products are designed to make sports simple and leisure activities more enjoyable.

The company has introduced pool vacuums to serve this purpose. This product is designed for cleaning swimming pools and spas, which are certainly among the best places to have fun and participate in sports.

First, let’s cover the possible causes for poor suction of Intex pool Vacuum, and then we’ll take you through all the troubleshooting ways.

Causes of poor suction

Although the Intex pool vacuum has strong suction power and guarantees thorough cleaning, some customers experience issues that are typical of all pool vacuums. Low suction power is one of these issues. The Intex pool vacuum’s efficacy is diminished when there is insufficient suction.

Given that a vacuum has to remove dust and dirt, larger particles or pet fur might clog the filter, which can be a major factor in low suction force along with other factors like faulty motor, unprimed pump, debris in the hose, basket, etc.

So, if your Intex pool pump is not sucking and is running dry, switch it off immediately and implement the simple repairs indicated below.

Ways to Fix Low Suction Power

Here’s what should you do if your Intex pool pump isn’t suctioning enough.

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Switch off the pump and prime it

When the pump is primed, all of the air in the system is removed, resulting in an increase in water pressure (PSI). Running an unprimed pump risks harming the motor and impeller.

An Intex pump may be primed just like any other pump. To get water to come out of the pump, you must first overfill the pump basket with water, cover it with a lid, start the pump, and then open the air relief valve. No water will be pumped into the filter if the pump is not primed.

Ensure that the pump is adequate for the pool

Above-ground pools are the intended use of Intex pumps. They aren’t sturdy enough for in-ground pools because they can’t resist gravity’s pull. In addition, they nearly never utilize the PVC hoses required for in-ground pools; instead, they almost always use thin plastic hoses.

Clear the hose and baskets of all dirt

Dirt in the pump basket or hose is likely to be the cause of your pool pump’s failure to draw water. Intex pool pumps clog easily, Due to their small water filtering capacity.  The trash gets removed from above-ground pools in a matter of hours because they don’t have large gallon capacities.

For the pump to function properly, the vacuums, hoses, and baskets must be cleared of debris. Failure to remove the debris could result in thousands of dollars in damage to the pump’s motor and impeller.

By switching off the pump, removing the lid, and emptying the debris into the pump basket, you can clean it. When finished, close the cover after inserting the basket into the pump. Detach the hose from the vacuum and thoroughly clean it.

If the motor screeches or grinds, replace it

 The impeller may be jammed if no water flows through the pump. If the impeller is clogged, damaged, leaking, or broken, the motor will eventually fail. And you may notice that the suction steadily gets weaker until it quits.

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Given its low cost in comparison to in-ground pool pumps, Intex pool pumps often have detachable impellers. If you want to fix it, you’ll need to acquire a new motor or pump or change the impeller with the recommended component number from the manufacturer.


I have covered every possible reason why your pump might not be sucking water in this article, along with useful advice on how to resolve these issues. However, if your Intex pool pump is consistently losing suction, it may be time to replace it.

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