ILIFE Robot Vacuum Troubleshooting

You are in luck if you’re looking for a reliable troubleshooting guide regarding the ILIFE robot vacuum. ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner is currently one of the top competitors in the market – providing its users with comfort, efficiency, and ease.

However, like all electronic devices, the ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner also has quite a few flaws – these problems are related to beeping, charging, flashing blue light, and more.

These problems might change your opinion about the company. However, most of these issues are minor and fixable. Continue reading below to find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to ILIFE robot vacuum troubleshooting.

ILIFE Robot Vacuum Beeping While Charging

ILIFE has smartly introduced a beeping mechanism to describe particular issues regarding sensors, rotary brushes, and other hardware components. The beeping tool is designed so that each problem has its beeps.

For instance, if your ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner beeps once, then this indicates that there are possible issues with the side brushes or side wheels of your vacuum cleaner.

Similarly, when your ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner starts to beep while on charge, this also indicates an issue – not to worry because this issue is minor and fixable in a snap!

Why is My ILIFE Robot Vacuum Cleaner Beeping While Charging?

One of the most common questions appearing on our troubleshooting guide on ILIFE robot vacuums is related to beeping.

The beeping issue on your ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner during charging means that the power button on the cleaner is turned Off during charging.

To fix this issue, simply turn On the power button on your robot vacuum cleaner, or the vacuum cleaner will keep on beeping.

ILIFE Robot Vacuum Factory Reset

Software issues can cause difficulty for you while managing your robot vacuum cleaner, leaving you with no choice but to factory reset it and return it to its default settings.

A factory reset helps solve software glitches that commonly take birth in electronic devices, not just your robotic vacuum cleaner.

However, beware that factory resetting your ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner will erase any previously stored data and settings – returning the device to its standard settings. Therefore, before deciding to take this step, consider the possible outcome.

ILIFE Robot Vacuum Factory Reset

Now, to factory reset your ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Unplug your device from its power outlet to avoid the potential risk of shocks.
  • Locate the Clean button on your robot cleaner until you hear a beeping sound.
  • Release the button.
  • Your ILIFE robot vacuum will start to reboot now.

NOTE: If your vacuum cleaner does not restart automatically, you’ll have to do it yourself – by taking it to the docking station and placing it on charge.

How to Hard Reset Your ILIFE Robot Vacuum Cleaner

In some cases, hardware issues are taking place rather than software issues that are fixable through a hard reset.

To hard reset your ILIFE vacuum cleaner, follow the aforementioned steps (briefed in factory reset method) & Press the Clean button until you hear a beeping sound.

5 Reasons Why Your ILIFE Robot Vacuum Cleaner is Not Charging

When your ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner stops charging while on the docking station, there are numerous reasons behind it, which are as follows:

Malfunctioning Wall Outlet

It’s possible that your wall outlets aren’t working, and the power isn’t going both ways. To ensure this, plug any other electronic device, such as a mobile phone, into the same power outlet you use to charge your robot vacuum cleaner. If it works, you can move on to navigating the next possible issues.

Improper Insertion Of Battery

If you have disassembled your robot vacuum cleaner recently, then there are chances that you didn’t insert the battery correctly. Incorrect battery placement might cause the charging terminals not to make a proper contact. Even if you didn’t disassemble your cleaner, the problem could still occur.

You can troubleshoot this issue by removing the battery and place it back firmly in robot.

Fault in Battery

There can be possible damages to the battery, or it has just completed its life cycle (400 on average) and has now become useless. Therefore, your ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner will not charge. Generally, your vacuum cleaner will beep if there’s a battery problem. 


Your Vacuum Cleaner’s Charging Contacts May be Dirty

The charging contacts on any electronic device are responsible for charging. Therefore, the charging process will not occur if they get dirty. To ensure this does not happen, follow the steps below:

  • Remove your device from its docking station.
  • Locate the charging contacts.
  • Clean the charging contacts of vacuum and dock with a soft fabric .
  • Reinstall the device at the docking station.


The newer versions of vacuum cleaners are protected with a thermal mechanism that shuts the device down when it overheats. Even during charge

Therefore, if your robot vacuum is worked up, it will only charge once the device returns to its average temperature. 

ILIFE Robot Vacuum Cleaner Flashing Blue Light

Robot vacuums now come with a set of indicator lights that can highlight a particular problem with your vacuum cleaner.

Your ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner comes with an automated mechanism that starts to flash a light incase of any malfunction.

For instance, if your robot vacuum cleaner starts to flash red light, it means that your device has a hardware or software problem that needs to be properly looked at.

Similarly, if your vacuum cleaner starts to flash a green light, it means your ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner is working perfectly fine.

However, what does it mean when it starts to flash a blue light? Let’s find out.

Why is Your ILIFE Robot Vacuum Flashing a Blue Light?

If your ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner starts flashing blue light, don’t worry because it is just your vacuum’s way of telling you that it has run out of charge and needs to go back to its docking station.

However, if your robot vacuum cleaner displays a solid blue light, the vacuum cleaner is now fully charged.

ILIFE Vacuum Stops and Beeps

Your ILIFE robot vacuum has a beeping mechanism – each beep denotes a specific problem with your device. This problem may be related to hardware or software.

ILIFE Vacuum Stops and Beeps

One Beep

If your ILIFE robot stops and starts to beep one time, then it’s telling trying to tell you that there’s an issue with the side wheels, side brushes or both in some cases. 

To work around this issue, thoroughly check the side wheels and brushes for possible blockages, dust, or hair build-up. Properly clean the side wheels and the side brushes to make them work smoothly again.

Two Beeps

If your ILIFE vacuum stops and beeps twice, then there might be a problem with your vacuum sensors.

Your ILIFE robot vacuum comes with a set of two sensors, namely the cliff sensor and the bumper sensor.

Therefore, when your vacuum beeps twice, it’s trying to indicate an issue with one of these sensors or even both. To ensure this does not happen, thoroughly clean the sensors with a microfiber cloth and make sure that the sensors turn correctly.

Three Beeps

If your vacuum cleaner stops and starts to beep thrice, it indicates it is stuck. To eliminate this issue, simply remove the blockade. After doing so, restart the cleaner, and it will start to work again smoothly.

Four Beeps

The four-beep error on the ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner is its way of telling you that there’s a problem with the main brush. When there’s an issue with the main brushes of the ILIFE vacuum cleaner, then they will not turn or rotate properly.

Possible reasons for this may be blockage, dust, or hair buildup. However, check for any possible cracks or damages as well.

Follow the steps given below to work your way around this problem.

  • In case of dust or hair build-ups – disengage the bristle brush from your ILIFE vacuum cleaner.
  • Thoroughly clean out any dust, hairs, or debris from it.
  • Make sure to clean both ends of the brush and the attached rollers. 
  • Reattach the bristle brush with the vacuum cleaner, and it will work again.

Robot Vacuum Not Suctioning

If you’ve noticed that your ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner is not as efficient as it used to be and now doesn’t suction off the dust and debris properly – don’t throw it out and buy a new one yet!

Robot vacuum not suctioning


There are various possibilities when your robot vacuum cleaner goes through a decreased amount of suction. Some of these are given below:

Check the Filters

One of the first things to check when your vacuum cleaner shows decreased suction is to check the filters for possible blockages, dust, or hair buildup.

If your filters are filled with dirt, remove them and thoroughly clean them. Now, reinstall the filters again, and you’ll surely see some improvement!

However, in the case of hair buildups, you will have to be careful. The surrounding areas of a vacuum’s filters are highly sensitive, so it is better to use a hose attachment. Carefully remove the hair buildup and other blockages that are present with it. 

Check the Brush Roll

The brush rolls are one of the most critical components of a vacuum cleaner. If dust somehow manages to make its way to the brush roll, it can lead to countless issues – a lowered suction power being one of them.

To ensure this does not happen to your vacuum cleaner, disengage the brush roll from it and thoroughly inspect it for possible dust build-up. In case of dirt, you will need an air compressor to blow off the dirt from your robot vacuum cleaner’s brush rolls.

Clean the Bins

If you haven’t emptied the bin compartment of your robot vacuum cleaner in a while – do it now! Since storing the dust inside the bin compartment can lead to a build-up, eventually blocking the filters and leading to low suction.

Robot Vacuum Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues?

If you’re having trouble with the connectivity issues on your ILIFE robot vacuum, our troubleshooting guide on ILIFE robot vacuums will help you out! Follow these steps to ensure a smooth connection:

  • ILIFE robot vacuums support a 2.4GHz frequency band, so if your router works on a 5GHz frequency band, the connection will not establish. 
  • A troubled connection will occur if numerous devices connect to the same router along with your robot vacuum cleaner. Therefore, it is best to disconnect all the other devices while vacuuming.
  • At times the culprit behind low connectivity is your Wifi router, rebooting it may fix the connectivity.


ILIFE is one of the top brands for robot vacuum cleaners – providing its users with efficiency, comfort, and ease.

However, similar to all other electronic devices, the robot vacuum cleaner can fall prey to various issues related to beeping, flashing, suction, and much more. In this troubleshooting guide, we discuss these issues taking place in ILIFE robot vacuum cleaners, and how to overcome them.

So if you’re frustrated with the constant errors popping up on your ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner, read the above troubleshooting guide.

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