How to Wash Eureka Vacuum Filter

Vacuum cleaners are the must-have of this age and time the households. Those who own Eureka should know how to wash eureka vacuum filters. If the vacuum is not properly maintained the performance and efficiency certainly begin to drop.

There is a whole range of Eureka vacuum cleaners based on usage there is a completely separate category. We have tried to provide you with the instructions that generally go with all the series.

Following is how you should be washing the filter of Eureka vacuum cleaners. The steps are pretty simple and easy to do. 

  • First of all, you need to unplug the device from the electricity source.
  • Next, open the filter carrier tray of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove the dry dust from the filter thoroughly by tapping it on your hands or any hard surface of a garbage container. 
  • Wash the filter thoroughly and let it dry completely for a minimum of 24 to 36 hours. 
  • After it is thoroughly dried, now is the time to fit the filter back into the vacuum cleaner. 

There is an ongoing debate about when to clean the filters and when to replace them. We have some when and how situations for you which are going to be helpful. 

How do you know it’s time to wash the filter?

Well, it basically depends on the usage, mainly frequency and amount of cleaning done each time. However, based on a routine household cleaning, we can say that you should maintain your vacuum filter every alternate month. And it should be replaced after every 6-8 months. Most of the filters can easily be washed with cold water (Remember not to use hot water for washing the filter as it will deform it).

How to Wash Eureka Vacuum Filter

However, the scenario is a little different with the vacuum cleaners which have HEPA filters. It is not really meant to be washed when it gets dirty. Read further to know more about HEPA filters. 

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How do I know if my vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter?

HEPA filters can be easily recognized once you open the vacuum machine. They are basically made up of paper-like material mechanically folded together and inside a casing usually of metal or plastic. The good thing about them is that they are highly efficient. HEPA filters are also used in air purifiers.

HEPA filter gives an efficiency of as high as 99.37%, as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency. Not all vacuum cleaners have a HEPA filter but the ones that have it. 

Now the question is, how should you clean it if your vacuum has a HEPA filter? Based on experience it is suggested that you should not wash it. Instead, you should take it out and clean it by using an air blower or something for the purpose. Just remove the dirt and debris using pressurized air. If the HEPA filter is washed it will lose its effectiveness. 


How to clean HEPA filter


How often should we wash the vacuum cleaner filters?

They should be cleaned every 3 months; it depends on how dirty the area is. If the floors are too dirty, then just don’t wait for the 3rd month, as doing so will reduce the machine’s efficiency significantly. 

Dry for 24 hours, However, it is easy for even a newbie since Eureka is kind enough to mention this very important part of the cleaning process. So this big caution is there once you open the Eureka. After letting it dry for a minimum of 24 hours you can put it back into the vacuum. 

If you don’t clean a vacuum filter timely its efficiency will significantly drop. Not only will it take extra time to do the job but will also consume more power to operate. Undue load on the motor may lead to heated up machines which may resultantly go wrong if not timely taken care of. 

Good maintenance includes taking care of the vacuum cleaner overall not just the filter, here is a detailed article for general cleanup of the machine. 

When to buy a new filter?

So if you don’t want to end up losing your money on the repairs and spare parts better wash your vacuum filter. After a couple of washes, you might feel there is a dire need to replace the vacuum filter with a new one. Here are some suggested buys for Eureka Vacuum. Please do not forget to double-check the model number of your machine so that you buy the right filter for it.

Not sure about the model of your vacuum, here is a quick page to help and recognize your vacuum and confirm your vacuum’s model number. 

What to do if you can’t find which vacuum filter is good for you?

If you find yourself in a situation where you need help from an official source with regard to model number or the right vacuum filter for your machine. Don’t hesitate just pick up the phone and dial +1-860-266-1177.

How to replace a Eureka vacuum filter? 

Most vacuum cleaners have pull-to-open clips for the filter lid. Once you remove that lid filter can be taken out readily and replaced. Here is a short video to help you change the filter with great ease.  The process is the same for most vacuum filters, whereas for some you might need to screw open the filter case to remove the filter. 

Concluding Words

It doesn’t really matter whether your vacuum cleaner houses HEPA filters or the other ones, you should get into the habit of cleaning them on time. It will not only stop the vacuum cleaner from dropping efficiency but also save you a decent amount of money over the machine’s lifetime. Reach out if you want to share something valuable for the user community. 

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