How to Register and Program Roomba

Roombas are the new sexy when it comes to cleaning your house floors. No second thoughts about it. The first thing you are having in your mind after buying your Roomba is how to register and program your Roomba. You can do it both manually and through using the iRobot app. 

Not registering the Roomba robot is not going to void the warranty for the product. But iRobot encourages the user to register by offering you 15% off on further purchases of parts and accessories if you register your product. Once you register your device you will be receiving the discount offer in your email.

Yeah, that’s simple! To register yourself on iRobot click here.

So let’s not keep ourselves from registering the device. If you want to register your device online do check the serial number on the machine as you will be needing that. Don’t bother gathering serial number info if you are registering the device using your mobile app. 

Time to pair your Roomba

Once you have registered yourself on iRobot, now is the time to move on to how to program the Roomba. Don’t panic yet, it’s not a big deal. 

Here are simple steps that will navigate you through the process of setting up a Roomba. 

Make sure you have the following things in place before moving ahead. 

  • Charging dock 
  • Smartphone
  • iRobot app
  • Wi-Fi network
  • Turn ON the Bluetooth of your phone 

Download the app using these links, for iOS and for Android.


The Pairing Process

Once you have downloaded the app, open it on your phone and add the product by clicking on the Add Product button. Choose the series you want to add and this will navigate you to the screen where you can name the product. The idea of naming a Roomba is fun, right?

We seriously love the idea of naming it, since you are going to use this device every now and then as your assistance in your house cleaning needs. Why not name such a thing? 

After you have named it, the next screen will ask for the Wi-Fi password. Once it is connected now we will have to pair the Roomba with the app. 

The screen will say activate Robot. All you have to do is to press the home button and spot button simultaneously for 2 seconds, which are by the sides of the CLEAN button on your Roomba. 

When the pairing process is complete, there will be a blue light and an announcement in your Roomba; YOUR ROBOT IS FULLY SETUP AND READY TO GO.

And there you go. Isn’t it pretty simple?

Whenever you need to clean some floors hit the CLEAN button on the Roomba. Yeah, we got you, at the moment you are wondering what is the use of a mobile app which you just got paired with the robot vacuum. So this app can also be used to operate your vacuum cleaner. 

Following are a couple of situations where you can find yourself stuck in the process. The situations are accompanied by quick fixes. 

iRobot not Beeping: Pairing Failed

If you don’t hear any beep sound while pressing these 2 buttons, that means that the machine is not charged. Just put the robot vacuum in the charging base station and let it charge for some time and then repeat the process. Sometimes new vacuum cleaners are not charged but that is totally fine. Just properly charge it in the first go, it should take some 2 hours to charge it fully like most Roombas. Interested in knowing how long will the Roomba battery last, click here for an easy check.

Wi-Fi Connection failed

If you face any trouble during the process of setting up your vacuum with regards to Wi-Fi, the possibility is that you are having a 5GHz router on Wi-Fi connection and your robot probably doesn’t support it. All you need to do in this situation is simply turn off all other devices and then try reconnecting the robot with your Wi-Fi. Do not worry you need to do it one time only during the pairing process. 

Light rings on the Roomba have different messages for you. On some, they are different in colors, and on others, same color light but have different patterns but they do carry messages for their users. If you want to know more, click here for detailed information.

Right Placing of charging Home Base

Right place of charging HomeBase

Since you are reading the process of pairing and setting up and everything, we are assuming that you are a new user of the vacuum robot. Here is advice for placing the charging home base. You may wonder why to give so much thought and why not pace it wherever you find a little place.

You ought to place it on the leveled floor (shouldn’t be inclined), it is actually advised by the iRobot to place the charging home base on a completely level floor. Additionally, there should be enough space for the robot vacuum to approach the base from any direction. In our opinion the best suitable place is by the wall of the living room and that too in the middle. 

Animations are really beautiful and quite helpful in navigating you through the whole process of setting up your robot vacuum. So follow them, they are great!

How to schedule Roomba

Since you are now using a vacuum that can be operated wirelessly and remotely using a mobile app, you may think can we just schedule Roomba for the cleaning?

The answer to this is, YES!  It’s super easy and fun at the same time. 

You can easily schedule it by using your app. Open the app and press the schedule (center) button and it will show you the day and time controls. Sounds just like setting the alarm, doesn’t it? Your robot is all good now to clean on the days and times you have selected. 

If it ever occurs to you whether the vacuum robot can work without an app or not, we are here for your query. 

How to Start Roomba Without App

Well, the iRobot says that you do not really need internet connectivity in order to be able to operate the Roomba. Whenever there is a loss of internet connectivity, do not worry you can still get your Roomba to work and clean the room. Simply click the CLEAN button on the machine and it will do the job. To read more about operating it without the internet read what iRobot has to say, click here.

Wrapping it up

We have tried to make this write-up wholly focused on new users on how to register iRobot and program the Roomba. It is sincerely hoped that this could help you in registering and pairing your device and finally get it to work. Feel free to comment if you want to add some valuable information for the good of other users in this discussion.

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