How to Fix Retractable Cord Vacuum?

With the help of a unique mechanism, retractable cord vacuums can conveniently store the power cable inside a hole-shaped area. However, in some cases, the vacuum cleaner cord keeps retracting, leading to several issues. And, if you’re wondering how to fix the retractable cord on your vacuum cleaner, this is the place to be!

The retractable cord inside your vacuum cleaner can become prey to several issues. In some cases, the cable will not go back into its allocated area, or in some cases, the cord will not move at all.

To end all this frustration, continue going through this article.

Vacuum Cleaner Retractable Cord Mechanism

The cord-rewind mechanism on your vacuum cleaner is responsible for storing the cord while the vacuum cleaner is not in use. 

The mechanism is similar to a ‘clicking’ pen. Like a pen, your vacuum cleaner’s interior section contains a spring system that allows you to retract the cord. But doesn’t that mean the cable will only retract in this case?

Well, yes, it does. That’s why, along with a spring system, there’s also a gear responsible for the ‘pulling back’ of the vacuum cord. This method works magic when you want your vacuum cleaner’s cord to return to its respective position– stored on a circular metallic ring.

There’s a particular mark on the cord cable in a retractable cord vacuum. This mark is put up to tell you that you should not pull the cord further, or the rewind mechanism can become faulty.

What Causes Airflow Obstruction? 

A retractable cord not retracting properly, a dirty or wet filter, clogs in the main hose, and lower hose obstruction can cause restrictions in the vacuum airflow. It is simple to mitigate this restriction by fixing the retraction in power cord.

In case of any such issue hoover will show some indication. If the indicator light at the canister’s top turns red, you need to fix one of the problems discussed above. However, right now, I am going to extend the details on the first problem how to fix the retractable cord on the hoover vacuum.

How to Fix Retractable Cord on Hoover Vacuum?

How to fix retractable cord on hoover vacuum?

The power cord on your Hoover vacuum cleaner has two marked spots – one yellow and the other red. Your vacuum should retract the cleaner cable to the yellow spot. However, please don’t go beyond the red mark because it represents the area where you’re in danger of causing damage to the machine to retract the mechanism.

To fix the retractable cord on a Hoover vacuum, follow these steps:

  • Switch off your Hoover vacuum.
  • Tug on the cord up to the maximum limit a few times; this will reactivate the rewind mechanism.
  • Click on the retract pedal on your vacuum cleaner, and the cord should start to retract.
  • Keep the cord in your hands while your vacuum cleaner is pulling it to avoid whips or other damage to the storage area of the cable.

How to Fix Retraction When there’s a Dust Buildup?

In some cases, there can be possible dust buildups inside the opening into which the power cord is held. To work your way around this, follow the below steps:

  • Switch off your Hoover vacuum.
  • Pull the power cord up to the fire wires – the opening where your power cord enters.
  • Clean up any visible dirt around the opening with a cloth or paper towel.
  • Extend, and clean the retractable cord as well.

How to Fix Retractable Cord Vacuum Miele?

Almost always, when the retractable cord on your Miele vacuum cleaning starts to malfunction, there is no viable solution except to replace the cord winder. This circular wheel winds the power cord with a new one.

There can be several causes when your Miele vacuum’s cord keeps on retracting or doesn’t pull back. From spring breakage to mechanical damages – one can’t be sure about the possible cause behind this issue except for a professional. However, the steps mentioned below will help you work your way around fixing this problem by yourself.

All you have to do is follow them. Let’s start.

How to Fix Retractable Cord Vacuum Miele?

12 Easy Steps to Fix Retraction

  • Unplug your machine from the power source.
  • Remove the screws to open up and access the interior section.
  • Disengage the bag from the vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove the lid present directly below the covering of the vacuum cleaner. To do this, carefully unhook the two white plastic clips on both sides, and bring them to the centre.
  • Remove the air filters by unhooking the screws that hold them. Store them in a secure location to avoid losing them. After removing the air filters, you can see the switch assembly.
  • To disconnect the switch assembly, gently pull it. Don’t use too much force since there’s a connector attached to the switch assembly, which is a highly sensitive component. 
  • Store the switch assembly in a safe place.
  • Remove the five screws that become visible after removing the switch assembly. One of these screws is located in a deep notch at the upper left side, and you should look carefully for this one to find it.
  • Flip the vacuum cleaner so the back side and the wheels are pointing toward you. Attempt this step with great care.
  • Remove the base of the vacuum cleaner, which is pretty easy since no screws are holding it together. At last, we’re in the headquarters of your vacuum cleaner, where the cord winder is visible. 
  • Unhook the screw present at the cord winder’s connector, and then disconnect the connector.
  • Lift the cord winder, and replace it with a new one.

How to Fix Retractable Cord on Kenmore Vacuum?

To fix the retractable cord issue on your Kenmore vacuum, follow these steps:

  • Unplug your machine from the power source.
  • Open up the front casing of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove the grey casing opposite the clickable button on the front casing of your vacuum cleaner. To do this, open up the case. Locate the two silver clips present near the hooks of the front container. After locating them, turn them to the opposite side with the help of a flat-head screwdriver. After removing the grey casing, you’ll find two screws at the far end on both the right and left sides.
  • Remove these screws; however, the middle screws aren’t that important, so we’ll leave them as they are.
  • Remove the two screws at the base holding up the hooks of the front casing near the bag compartment of your vacuum cleaner. Removing the screws will allow you to access the interior portion of the vacuum cleaner. After doing so, you’ll be able to see the cord winder. On the right side of the cord winder, you’ll find a white hook – into which a tiny rubber wheel is present.
  • Pull the cord towards yourself, and clean all the dust surrounding it. Use earbuds for this step. Since the rubber wheel works on the principles of friction, a high amount of dust can decrease its efficiency.
  • Reassemble the vacuum cleaner back after the clean-up. While reassembling the vacuum cleaner, you’ll notice a spring attached to the grey casing we removed in the first step. This spring should align directly with the spot allocated for it. 

How to Fix Retractable Cord on Bissell Vacuum?

How to Fix Retractable Cord on Bissell Vacuum?

Your Bissell vacuum cleaner has two marks on its retractable cord – one is yellow, and the other is red. To use the power cord, pull it gently until the yellow mark on the cable becomes visible. However, do not go further after the red spot is visible since it can damage the rewind mechanism on your Bissell.

If you’re wondering about ways in which you can fix the stuck retractable cord on your Bissell vacuum, follow the below-mentioned 4 simple steps:

  • Unplug the vacuum cleaner from the power source.
  • Pull the power cable up to its maximum length.
  • Carefully tug the power cord.
  • Press the rewind pedal on your Bissell to restore the normal working of the retractable cord.

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Vacuum cleaners that use a rewind mechanism to store the power cable are commonly known as ‘Retractable cord vacuum cleaners.’ Although the idea of a retractable cord is quite intelligent, the issues that arise with it are similarly frustrating. The above article will help you fix the problem of the retractable cord on your vacuum cleaner.

The rewind mechanism uses a spring-gear system in which the spring comes in handy while pulling the power cable towards yourself – the gear comes in handy during retraction.

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