How To Clean Hoover Windtunnel?

Hoover vacuums are a great help when it comes to cleaning. Loss of suction in vacuum can reduce its cleaning ability. In such a situation nobody wants to feel frustrated if things are messy around. When my hoover ceased to function, First thought that crossed my mind was how to clean hoover windtunnel at home.

All devices are prone to break bad then the best bet in such a case is to find the culprit. Hold tight, I’m going to walk you through the cleaning procedure of the hoover wind tunnel canister in this article.

Hoover Windtunnel low Suction

Dirty vacuum filters, clogging in hose, and any dust build up in the wind tunnel bin can cause low suction. A thorough cleaning of all the accessories can improve the suction of vacuum. Go through the details below to fix the suction issue by cleaning the pin point locations of your device. 

Hoover Windtunnel Cleaning Instructions

Following the Hoover wind tunnel cleaning instructions can help in removal of any kind of the obstructions in the airflow of your vacuum. 

Before you get your hands on the device, make sure to unplug the power cord, keep the cleaner upright and turn off the power switch. 

You can run the proper cleaning protocol in 5 easy steps. 

1- Clean the Primary sponge in your hoover wind tunnel. 

2- Remove the dust build ups in the Hepa filter.

3- Wash the Dustbin canister.

4- Remove the obstructions in the hose. 

5- Examine if roller brush is working fine.

How to clean hoover windtunnel?

Air Flow Indicator

Start off with checking the air flow pressure CFM (cubic feet per minute). For doing this you will be needing a CFM tester.

CFM tester have a scale of 1-10 zero shows 46 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of air flow or lower. The average air flow rating of a vacuum cleaner falls between 60-100. Good cleaners have a cfm of 125 and higher.

If your vacuum have a lower cfm it means that you need to fix it by cleaning the vacuum.

How to Clean Hoover Wind Tunnel?

Doubtlessly, suction issue of the cleaner will increase the urge to know that how to clean hoover wind tunnel? If you can’t wait for your cleaning schedule and you need to do it right away, then it is recommended to clean 5 things first. Otherwise it is recommended to detach the whole vacuum to wash and clean it completely. 

Clean and Wash the Primary Filter

On the top of canister bin pop open the lid and you will find a sponge filter that needs to be washed. If you have done it recently and still suction problem sustains that means you didn’t dry that up before placing it back. 

On this filter if you find the dust build ups and its thick, peel this off by your hand and than rinse with tap water for 2 minutes. Squeeze the sponge filter to remove the excess water and put it somewhere to air dry for next 24 hours. 

The suitable time to clean this primary filter is every 2 months unless needed earlier.

Clean and wash the primary filter

Remove Dust from the Hepa Filter

On the base of canister you will find the second filter. It is made of paper, don’t wash it. Take the hepa out and smash it gently inside the dustbin or use the brush to remove any dirt. Suggested time for cleaning it is every 6 months. If your filter is too dusty that it can not be cleaned after removing the dirt then consider replacing it. 

Wash the Bin

In the canister bin Hoover wind tunnel collects all the stuff like dirt and debris. You should take this off, clear the bin dispose of any waste and then wash it and let it dry completely. 

There’s a perforated kind of filter in this canister which don’t allow big particles to pass through. There’s  a possibility that your vacuum have enough suction but dirt or stuff isn’t reaching in bin. This can make you think that there is some issue with suction which is not. You need to clear those perforations if you find any dirt or debris there. 

Use the blower to clean the dirt from bin perforations. 

Wash the bin

Remove the Obstructions in Hose


The main reason for the loss of suction resides within hose. It happened in my case and majority user complain about this as well. Because hair and debris easily get stuck in there. This leads to the dust accumulation in the hose. 

You should take the hose of and remove the stuff using a broom or a reacher tool. 

Where hose connects in the vacuum cleaner at two points also locate in there’s something in there which is blocking the air flow. 

If hose pipe is torn or there are some holes in it, this can also reduce the air pressure of cleaner. It is suggested to cover this. 

Examine the Roller Brush

Roller brush can cease to work if the belt is worn out or break inside. You should open the hood up and unscrew all the screws and clean the brush and check belt. If brush isn’t working fine then it might not pick up stuff properly. 

Examine the roller brush

Bad Motor

A bad motor can reduce the suction power if there’s some issue with its capacitor. You should also look into that. If hoover motor is non fixable consider replacing it. Also remove the hair and entanglements if you can find some around the metal road on which rubber belt moves. 

If any of these aforementioned issues remain, vacuum will shut off, an indicator light on bin canister will turn green when issue is fixed.

There is nothing to worry about if you don’t know how to check a motor thoroughly. I have created a detailed guide here.


Hoover Wind tunnel is one of the best products for house cleaning. But how to clean hoover Windtunnel when it becomes inefficient. 

There are some basic clogging issues in the vacuum accessories which lead to this problem. The main spots which you need to clean are primary sponge filter, hepa filter, bin, hose mainly and the brush roller. 

Skim through the article to get the heck of proper cleaning.

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