Dyson Model Lookup- Where to Find Serial Number?

Your cleaning buddy, Dyson, might have harmed itself, or it just has gotten worked up and needs some maintenance and new parts. However, you don’t know where you kept the receipt. Don’t panic because there are ways to help you for Dyson model lookup and find the correct spare parts or accessories.

According to a survey held in 2017, seven percent of American residents owned Dyson’s products, contributing a total of $49,999 in revenue to the company. Dyson has made quite a name for itself, but it didn’t come in one day. The company offers various vacuum cleaners, variants, and other household items.

The company provides everything from upright vacuum cleaners containing heavy suction power and large dust containers to cordless vacuum cleaners with long-lasting batteries.

What is a Serial Number Used for?

In simple words, a serial number helps you locate the original manufacturer of a particular item. In your case, finding the serial number for your Dyson will help you identify the vacuum cleaner’s model and, in turn, help you find the fitting accessories. 

For instance, Dyson’s older vacuum cleaners require you to change the filters once a year. However, the new versions contain washable filters. So, to identify the correct filters, you need the serial number of your machine, the importance of serial numbers is starting to make sense, right? 

Dyson Serial Numbers – What Do They Denote?

When you’ve located the serial number on your Dyson, you’ll find a series of numbers written in a sequence, with dashes after a specific interval.

The two letters, followed by two numbers, denote your Dyson’s model number. Generally, they are present on the top-left of the barcode. However, in some Dyson vacuums, the model number is absent.

The numbers written below the barcode are serial numbers. The serial number on your Dyson also follows a pattern in which the first three letters are followed by a country code, usually two letters, after which a series of numbers are displayed.

Remember that the first three letters of the serial number are the most crucial.

Note: If you need to claim any service from Dyson or any of the vacuum cleaner you will be needing to run a warranty check. If you are looking to avail some warranty then you need to look up for the serial number on the device.

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Dyson Serial Numbers Lookup – Which Dyson Do I Have?

Dyson offers various vacuum cleaners, whereas a specific type has many variants. This proves to be a source of confusion for Dyson users when locating the serial number to identify which Dyson do they have? 

Dyson Model Lookup

Dyson Stick Vacuum

If you have a Dyson Stick vacuum on your hands, then the serial number might be at the following locations:

  1. Present behind the dust container.
  2. It can also be found underneath the battery pack of the vacuum cleaner.

The following table will help you in Dyson Model Lookup to identify the serial number according to your vacuum.

Dyson Stick VacuumModel NumberSerial Number
Dyson V10SV12, SV12GZS4, C3M, B6W, E6N, YG2, ZE7, ZE6, ZS5, B5C, YJ5, YJ6, ZE8
Dyson V11SV14, SV17NA
Dyson V12SV20, SV26S3E
Dyson V15SV22NA
Dyson Outsize SV16YH5, RA8, RA9, VE8, ZH2, ZH1, C3G, C3U, A8D, WZ8, RB7, RB9, RC2, PM9, YA5, U8G, H5C, H5B, PM8, RC8, A1Y, A1Z, H5E, C1P
Dyson V8SV10U8B, U1C, U7X, U8V, U9M, U9J, U8C, U9K, U1A, U7C, U7D, Z3T, H5F, H5P, G5W, N6T, E5A, YA4, B9F, B2R, ZH2, C3F, G1K, B6V, RA9, VE7, VE6
Dyson V7SV07, SV06, SV11, HH11G1W, UF2, ZR7, TN2, B4M, TN4, TM9, TM7, TM8, TN1, 


TN5, TN3, N7E, RE2, JM6, JM7, WE3

Dyson V6SV05, SV09, SV04, SV03, HH08, DC74, DC72, DC59, DC58, DC61, DC62RD8, MW2, JV3, JZ1, JY7, VG5, VG6, JZ2, PJ5, JY9, RE4, RE3, WT5, WS7, WS8, WS9, JY8
Dyson DC45DC45MC9, AG4, DW4, GD7, MD1, DW5
Dyson DC44DC44NA
Dyson DC35DC35HH3-EU, CD7-EU, HH4-FR, HH3-FR

Dyson Upright Vacuums Model Lookup

One of the best products that Dyson produces are Dyson Upright vacuums . You can find the serial number on your Upright vacuum by continuing below:

  1. Present at the back-side of your vacuum’s bin
  2. Present at the base of the vacuum cleaner
  3. Present beneath the wand handle
Upright VacuumModel NumberSerial Number
Dyson DC01DC01NA
Dyson DC03DC03NA
Dyson DC04DC04NA
Dyson DC07DC07NA
Dyson DC14DC14NA
Dyson DC15DC15203
Dyson DC18DC18327
Dyson DC24DC24532
Dyson DC25DC25485
Dyson DC27DC27NA
Dyson DC40DC40FD1
Dyson DC41DC41NA
Dyson DC42 DC42BV1
Dyson DC50DC50NA
Dyson DC51DC51HS1

Dyson Handheld Vacuums

Dyson Handheld vacuum’s come in many variants. The serial number on these vacuum cleaners is in the following locations:

  1. Present at the back-side of the vacuum’s filters.
  2. Present underneath the battery pack

Dyson Canister Vacuum

Having trouble finding the serial number on your Dyson Canister vacuum? They might be at the following locations:

  1. The back of your vacuum’s bin.
  2. At the base of the vacuum. 
  3. At the back side of your vacuum bin.
Dyson Canister VacuumModel NumberSerial Number
Dyson Cinetic Big BallCY22, CY26PZ4, PV3, PH8, PR5, WP4, VH1, VZ2, VZ3
Dyson Big BallCY23, CY28PY2, PJ2, PX9, PV4, PN2, RD9, PZ8, VK6, VZ1, UZ4, VK7, VK9, VK8
Dyson BallCY27VZ9, WA1, UZ3, WA2, WA5, WA4, WA3

Dyson Model Lookup Robot Vacuums

The change in design in Dyson Robot vacuums can confuse users in locating the serial number. The serial number in Dyson Robot vacuums is present on the back side of the dust container.

Dyson Robot Vacuum ModelModel NumberSerial Number
Dyson 360 Eye360-EYERB01

Shark Vacuum Serial Number Location

Shark Vacuum Serial Number Location

Some Shark vacuum models don’t come with a serial number since the company doesn’t pay much attention to them. However, according to a user, your Shark vacuum’s serial number and model number may be present at its base, along with a QR code.

Another user reported that after purchasing his brand-new Shark Navigator, he was told that the vacuum’s serial number was the four-digit number on the plug’s prong.

Since the serial number is absent in some models, you can resort to the model number. The model number on Shark vacuums is typically present in three locations which are the following:

  1. On the bottom of the box in which the device comes in.
  2. On the front page of the vacuum cleaner’s instruction manual.
  3. It is also on the vacuum cleaner, typically on the back side of the machine.

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Rainbow Vacuum Serial Number Location

The serial number of Rainbow vacuums can be found in three locations, which are the following:

Cord Junction

Locate the cord junction on your vacuum cleaner. From there, look directly below, almost at the base of your vacuum cleaner. You’ll find a black casing in which 11 numbers are engraved.

The first eight digits ( present in the first row ) comprise the serial number of the vacuum cleaner, while the three digits ( present in the second row ) denote the model number.

Power Nozzle

This method is relatively more straightforward. All you have to do is look at the back side of the power nozzle, where you’ll find a silver sticker between the wheels. This sticker contains a bar code along with eight digits on the left and three on the right.

The eight digits on the left side denote the serial number, while the three on the right side assists in Dyson model lookup.

Instructions Manual

You can also locate the serial number on the instructions manual that comes with your vacuum cleaner.

Miele Vacuum Serial Number Location

According to the Official Support Team of Miele, the serial number is on a sticker on the “data plate.” You can also look for the serial number inside the User’s Manual. However, if both these options aren’t viable for you, you can look for this sticker at the base of your vacuuming device, near the wheel side.

iRobot Roomba Vacuum Serial Number Location

The most convenient way to locate the serial number on your Roomba vacuum cleaner is via iRobot’s mobile application. To locate the serial number through the mobile app, follow the following steps:

irobot vacuum serial number location
  1. Open the iRobot app.
  2. Scroll down and locate Product Settings, and click on it.
  3. Locate the About section. Typically, it is the first option you’ll see after clicking on the Product Settings.
  4. Scroll below and locate the Serial Number.

You can also locate the serial number by removing the bin from your little robot. After removing it, turn the device over and locate the bin compartment. There you’ll see a black and white sticker that contains a bar code and the serial number.

The serial number is composed of three letters initially, after which a series of numbers occurs.

Bissel Vacuum Serial Number Location

Bissell offers a wide range of vacuum models; therefore, the location of the serial number may vary. Typically, the serial number on your Bissel vacuum cleaner may be found at the machine’s base or the back side of the cleaning vessels.

For Bissel ProHeat models, the serial number can be found on a white sticker at the bottom of the device. In the case of Lift-Off models, you’ll have to detach the Lift-Off pods to locate the label on which the serial number is present. 

The first five digits on the serial number denote the manufacturing date.

Roborock Vacuum Serial Number Location

The serial number of Roborock vacuums can be found in four different locations, which are given below:

  1. You can look for it by removing the dust bin. After removal, check the compartment in which the dust bin is present; you may find the serial number written there.
  2. You can also head to the Mi Home App after setting up your account and other relevant details.
  3. Check the packaging of the device in which it came; almost always, a serial number is present.
  4. If you still have the Instructions Manual of your Roborock vacuum, then you can check it out and locate the serial number there.


The serial numbers on Dyson, or any other vacuum cleaner, holds significant importance since you can’t register your device for an official warranty without it. It also comes in handy when you need to find the right accessories for your vacuum cleaner; therefore, understanding of Dyson model look up is necessary to perform such tasks.

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