8 Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Chart [June 2023] | Tested & Reviewed

Canister vacuum cleaner comparison chart: Buying guide

From carpets to various floor types— canister vacuum cleaners always win! The canister vacuum cleaners are popular among users because of their efficient high-suctioned cleaning ability, maneuverability, and comfort. One can get easily confused about which vacuum brand & model to choose for their cleaning needs. Don’t panic, this article features a comprehensive “canister vacuum … Read more

Using Car Vacuum as Standard Vacuum at Home

Can Car Vacuum Cleaner Be Used At Home?

Conventional vacuum cleaners, being electronic devices, are prone to technical issues. At this point, you might consider your tiny car vacuum cleaner for household usage. However, can a car vacuum cleaner be used at home? Here’s some good news: yes, it can! Car vacuum cleaners can become conventional and provide the same benefits as standard … Read more

What to Keep in Mind before Buying a Used Kirby?

Are old kirby vacuum cleaners worth anything?

Kirby has been around for quite some time now. With time, the company has only gotten better – giving durable and efficient products. However, with the rise in technology, Kirby vacuum cleaners are only getting more expensive. That’s where old or used vacuum cleaners come in. But are old Kirby vacuum cleaners worth anything? Well, … Read more

How to Use Rainbow Vacuum as a Humidifier?

How to use rainbow vacuum as humidifier?

Rainbow started manufacturing vacuums in 1929. Since their specialty is water filtration, they can also serve as a potential humidifier. However, you might need clarification on how to use your Rainbow vacuum as a humidifier. To convert your vacuum cleaner into a humidifier, you need to complete a set of steps – which are fairly … Read more

Hoover Vacuum Reset Button Location

Hoover Vacuum Reset Button

Hoover has quite a huge name in the vacuum industry since they provide users with durable devices and efficient cleaning. However, Hoover vacuums can also go through some issues if they are not maintained regularly – some of these issues require you to reset your device. However, is there a reset button on your Hoover … Read more

What is a Vacuum Cleaner Beater Bar?

What is a vacuum beater bar?

Just like old gadgets – the vacuum beater bar has become obsolete. However, many users still mistake the brush strips on a brush roll as the device’s beater bar. This begs the question: what is a vacuum beater bar?  Simply put, a vacuum beater bar is a metal agitator found in a vacuum cleaner’s roller … Read more

Shark Brush Roll Indicator Not Red and Stopped Spinning

Shark Brush Roll Indicator Green But Not Spinning

I can imagine the sight of using your vacuum cleaner, but it fails to pick up dirt because the brush roll is not spinning. It makes you want to burn the vacuum down, doesn’t it? But what if I present a solution to your problem “Shark Brush Roll Indicator Green But Not Spinning”? Typically, your … Read more

Dirt Devil Keep Shutting Off Randomly- Overheat Reset

Why Does My Dirt Devil Keep Shutting Off?

You bought a new Dirt Devil, and everything was great. Until the vacuum cleaner ran into trouble and started turning off randomly by itself after every few seconds. Now you’re left thinking: “Why does my dirt devil keep shutting off?” Briefly saying, overheating of vacuum could be one of the looming factors. I’ll walk you … Read more

Health Benefits of Vacuuming Everyday for Your Home

Benefits Of Vacuuming Daily

A clean house ensures a healthy environment. Certainly, there are many benefits of vacuuming daily, although vacuuming daily may not sound jazzy but doing it can offer all households great health.  A healthy environment free of allergens and microscopic organisms can reduce the risk of getting allergens into your airways and save you from respiratory … Read more

Vacuum Hose Suction Works But Not Bottom


Why does your vacuum hose works but not the bottom? Typically, this indicates an issue with your vacuum cleaner’s main base or bottom. You might even notice a loud noise coming from your vacuum cleaner’s hose when you start it up for cleaning. Your vacuum cleaner can encounter problems regarding the main base or the … Read more