Health Benefits of Vacuuming Everyday for Your Home

A clean house ensures a healthy environment. Certainly, there are many benefits of vacuuming daily, although vacuuming daily may not sound jazzy but doing it can offer all households great health. 

A healthy environment free of allergens and microscopic organisms can reduce the risk of getting allergens into your airways and save you from respiratory issues. The benefits of vacuuming are not limited to health only but it can eradicate foul smells from carpets. 

In this article, I am going to address all your unanswered queries about vacuuming from different perspectives. 

What are the 10 Benefits of Vacuuming Daily?

1- Keeps your Carpet from Foul Smells

What actually causes your carpets to make foul smells? Dust build-ups, debris, and water spills can provide the bacteria a shelter to grow there if you don’t vacuum daily. Where bacteria and fungus grow it results in the foul smells. 

The bacteria are microscopic pests if released back into the air they will cause allergies. Not only bacteria but debris and dust can cause allergies too. Stopping your carpets from hosting them will successfully mitigate the looming factors of smell. 

If your carpet still smells weird after cleaning daily, you could try some carpet cleaner with good scents.

2- Floor Stay Shiny for Longer

Vacuuming daily on your hard wood floor can prove a savior because it won’t allow any dust build-ups. Hence keeping the new look of your floors intact for longer. Also using the apt lightweight vacuum models can save the floor from scratches.

Benefits Of Vacuuming Daily

3- Building a Cleaning Habit

Making something a habit takes only 3 weeks. At the start, it might seem daunting but if you keep vacuuming daily, ultimately you will develop a cleaning habit. Once you get past this infancy period of the practice, voila! You will feel fresh and more energetic.

It is possible that you might vacuum daily but due to some malfunction in the vacuum, you may not get the desired results after completing the cleaning job. Make sure to troubleshoot your vacuum properly.

4- Glowing Skin

Every girl is skin and beauty conscious. When you vacuum your house, carpet, and floor daily there will be no dirt left behind. So debris and particles will not get back in the air and won’t settle on your skin. If they do it can cause get into skin pores causing rashes and itching. 

5- No Place for Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic organisms and easy to grow in moist and warm places that trigger respiratory allergies and can cause asthma. When you inhale air with such dust mites you will experience sneezing, running nose, difficulty in breathing, and coughing. 

All the upholstery should be cleaned on a regular basis.

6- Air Purifier Efficiency Improves

Having an air purifier to remove all the dirt from the air is a great idea to breathe in allergens-free air. What if vacuuming daily can enhance the performance of the purifier? Vacuuming on a regular basis collects all the dust particles which settle down in the rugs and in the floor linings. When there’s less dust that can get back in the air then certainly your purifier will show extraordinary results.

7- You Will Feel Productive

When you make daily vacuuming a habit you will feel psychologically more relaxed, anxiety, stressed, and in a depression-free state. Subconsciously your stress will start fading. Seeing a clean house doesn’t act less than meditation. 

After experiencing the clean environment you will get to know that you were clutter blind for a longer time, but thankfully you are going to overcome that. There’s a more crazy fact that a clean environment can save you from procrastinating things.

8- Keeps your Infants Safe from Allergens

Vacuuming your floors and carpets daily is inevitable if you have kids in your house who just started crawling. Certainly, you don’t want them to catch any kind of allergy or cough due to the dusty environment.

9- Comforting Sleep

Due to the psychological impact of vacuuming, you will feel relaxed and you can catch sleep easily. According to the national sleep foundation of America, 40- 45% of Americans have sleeping trouble. Having a clean environment can help you not fall prey to sleeping troubles.

10- Dedicated Vacuum for Each Floor

If you have a multi-story home you should have a dedicated vacuum on each floor. It ensures cleaning is easy on an everyday basis. Because you are going to mitigate the possibility of procrastination if carrying the heavy device from one floor to another bothers you. 

Since you’ve got to know the 10 benefits of vacuuming daily, now you might want to take a purchase decision. You can check the best guide to select a vacuum cleaner after comparison that fits your household needs.

Is it Good to Vacuum every day?

Is it good to vacuum everyday?

Pet hair can make you sick via parasites, which can trigger asthma. 

Cleaning your home more often is definitely a good idea. But is it good to vacuum every day? Yes, it is favorable to vacuum your carpets and upholstery every day if you have pets in your house because they can spread hair and dander.

How often should I vacuum, Can Vacuuming Daily Benefit me?

Yes vacuuming daily can benefit you from multiple perspectives. Vacuuming frequency mainly depends on the members in the house and the nature of your job. If you have a job related to construction work then you would want to vacuum daily.

In the living room, hallway, kitchen, and children’s playroom where you spend most of the time of your day you should vacuum it daily. Because these can get filthy due to high usage.

Vacuum with a High Suction Power

If you have a vacuum with high suction power will be supportive for you if the thought of procrastination creeps in. It is evident from the suggestion that a vacuum with high suction power will do the cleaning job effectively, leaving no dust or dander. In such a case a bi-weekly cleaning will be effective.


How Often Should I Vacuum Apartment with Pets?

Cleaning your apartment once or twice a week is ok. If you have pets in your apartment it is recommended to do more often. Because pets shed hair and dander which can contribute to respiratory issues. Moreover, vacuuming needs directly depends on the following determinants. 

  • Number of pets
  • Size of pets
  • Type of flooring
  • Pets with long hairs
  • If you are sensitive to pet dander or allergies

In addition to the above factors, grooming your pets regularly can help to reduce the amount of shedding. This can keep the apartment tidy and reduce the amount of vacuuming you need to do. 

How often should i vacuum apartment with pets?

Is Vacuuming Everyday Bad?

The downsides of vacuuming every day can be overlooked when compared to benefits. Wear and tear of the carpet fur and the deteriorating shine of the floor can make you think that is vacuuming everyday bad. 

You can avoid the aforementioned issue by setting up the right height of the vacuum. Daily use of the vacuum can cause wear and tear on your device as well. 

In my opinion, health comes first. It is better to clean areas in the house more frequently where foot traffic is comparatively high. If you are still concerned about the flooring and rugs then using a different cleaning method can help you. Such as sweeping or dusting instead. 

How Often Should I Vacuum My Bedroom?

I would suggest doing it once a week at least. Mitigate those factors which cause excess dirt accumulation in your bedroom.  

Tip. Use the dirt mat in your bedroom.

Can you Vacuum Too Much?

It is possible to vacuum too much. Although, it is not a common practice. Vacuuming too much can cause wear and tear on the device and shorten its lifespan. 

When you choose to vacuum too much, make sure to consider using lighter-duty models. 

How Often Should You Vacuum Hard Wood Floors?

Vacuuming a week is rule of thumb. But there are a few precautionary measures for vacuuming hardwood floors. 

  • Use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. 
  • Buy a model specific to hardwood floors.
  • Reduce the suction power if using the canister vacuum, because it can also damage the floor. 
  • Adjust the appropriate height of the cleaner to prevent scratches on the wood surface.

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Final Thoughts

How often should someone clean their house or apartment using a vacuum depends on a different scenario.  Mainly members of the household, foot traffic, nature of their job, number of pets & model of your vacuum cleaner.

Usually vacuuming once or twice a week is recommended. But this frequency changes due to some factors like if someone has allergy issues or you have infants in your home who just started crawling. If you groom your pet in your bedroom or they sleep with you, it may seem necessary to do it daily for some individuals.

There are plenty of benefits of vacuuming daily, skim through the article to have an idea that how is it beneficial in your case.

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